Can Sugar Gliders Eat Potatoes? What About Sweet Potatoes?

Potatoes are a staple of the modern diet, and there is a seemingly endless number of types.  We mash them, fry them, bake them, and cover them in brown sugar.  Potatoes really are pervasive food.  But when it comes to our sweet friends we want to make sure we’re giving them the a healthy treat or staple of their diet. 

So, what about potatoes?  Can sugar gliders eat potatoes?  Can sugar gliders eat sweet potatoes?  The quick and easy answer is: Both no and yes.  No, Sugar gliders should not eat white potatoes. Yes, Sugar gliders can eat sweet potatoes. 

Sugar Gliders Can’t Eat White Potatoes but Can Eat Sweet Potatoes?

It isn’t so much that white potatoes are bad for sugar gliders.  The issue is more about the nutrient value of white potatoes and the size of sugar gliders.  White potatoes don’t contain a lot of the nutrients sugar gliders need to have in their diets.  But white potatoes can be super filling for our tiny, furry buddies.  As a result, sugar gliders may not have the room to eat the higher quality foods they need to live a healthy life.

Sweet potatoes on the other hand have many of nutrients that a sugar glider needs.  In the wild, sugar gliders eat a wide range of different foods.  This diet is difficult to replicate for sugar gliders in captivity.  In addition to being a healthy treat, the great thing about sweet potatoes is that nearly every sugar glider loves them!  If your sugar gliders do not get excited at your offering of sweet potato, don’t fret.  Not every sugar glider loves every treat.  By itself, a sugar glider rejecting sweet potato is not a reason for concern.

How Should Sweet Potatoes Be Prepared For Sugar Gliders to Eat?

Many owners simply cut the sweet potato into small cubes and give their sweet pals one cube.  Other owners say that their suggies will only eat sweet potato if it has been cooked, either fully or at least softened up a bit in the microwave.  If you do decide to cook a sweet potato before giving it to your sugar glider, remember to leave out oils, processed sugars and everything else we use to doctor our sweet potatoes up.  Most of those foods are not something a sugar glider should eat. 

Remember to wash the potatoes well, especially if you’re serving them with skin on.  Canned produce should never be served to sugar gliders, fresh is best, but frozen or freeze-dried sweet potatoes will be ok too.  And always be aware of your sugar gliders’ calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?

Can sugar gliders eat white potatoes? In a word: No.  Sugar gliders should avoid eating white potatoes.  Can sugar gliders eat sweet potatoes?  In a word: Yes! Sugar can eat sweet potatoes. 

White potatoes just don’t have enough of the right nutrients to justify putting them in your sugar gliders diet.  Sweet potatoes on the other hand have plenty of nutrients to be part of a healthy and balanced diet. 

Just like you and I, sugar gliders enjoy an assorted diet.  However, not all sugar gliders like eating sweet potatoes.  If they don’t like them, there’s nothing to worry about. 

For those sugar gliders that do enjoy sweet potatoes, be sure to wash a fresh sweet potato if you plan to serve it with the skin on.

Always remember to pay attention to the calcium to phosphorus ratio in your sugar glider’s diet.  And don’t serve your sweet companions canned produce.

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