Can Sugar Gliders Eat Pecans?

Whether you put them on salads, mix them with chocolate for homemade trail mix, or put them on pies, pecans are a tasty addition to many meals.  Since they are so versatile, it’s a good thing pecans are also healthy for humans too. 

You’d think that since pecans are good for us humans, they would be a fine treat to feed your sugar gliders as well, right?  Sadly, some foods that we enjoy as healthy snacks can be very unhealthy for our furry friends. 

As a sensible sugar glider guardian, you need to take the time to research any new food you may be thinking of treating your sugar gliders to.  You’d hate to accidentally feed them something unhealthy!

So, what about pecans?  Can sugar gliders eat pecans?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat pecans.  However, there are some rules and guidelines to follow when treating your sugar gliders to pecans. Pecans, just like most treats you treat your sugar gliders to, should be fed in moderation.

How Often Can Sugar Gliders Eat Pecans?

While pecans do have some of the good nutrients sugar gliders need for long and healthy lives, they also are loaded with fat.  It’s no wonder most sugar gliders love them so much! 

All of the extra fat from pecans can really be detrimental to sugar gliders if you’re not careful about how much and how often you treat them to pecans.

The good news is, if you have an overall low-fat diet for your sugar gliders, you can treat them to pecans about once a week.  Just make sure you rotate the pecans with other low-fat treats that sugar gliders can eat, like cucumbers, to keep your wide-eyed pals from getting chunky.

Since you want your suggies to avoid the downfalls of getting fat, and from losing too much fat at once (if they do become overweight), it is better to not let them get too heavy to being with.

My Sugar Glider Does Not Like to Eat Pecans

We noted above that most sugar gliders will devour pecans when given the chance.  If this isn’t your sugar glider, don’t worry.  Just like humans, not every sugar glider will want to eat pecans.

Before you give up on pecans as a treat for your sugar glider, try to offer pecans a few times.  Some sugar gliders need a chance to come around to a new food before they decide to try it. 

If your sugar glider ends up loving pecans, you’ll both be grateful for your patience.  Your sugar glider for a yummy new treat, and you for a new way to spoil your special friend.

Most sugar glider owners try to maintain a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1.   Depending on the type of pecan you feed your sugar glider, you’ll be hitting a ratio of about 0.25 to 1. 

You’ll need to look up the specifics of the pecans you’re treating your lovable pals to get a more accurate assessment.  And then adjust their other foods accordingly in order to get their over all diet closer to a 2:1 ratio.

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Pecans Cooked and Raw?

While sugar gliders can eat cooked and raw pecans, raw are best.  Make sure the shell of the pecan has been separated from any piece of pecan you want to give your furry friends. 

Pecans that have been salted or that have any other flavor enhancers added to them should not be fed to sugar gliders.  So, no giving your suggies a bite of pecan from your Thanksgiving pecan pie!

You also want to avoid feeding your sugar gliders pecans that have aflatoxins.  These can be hard to detect, so be sure to store your pecan treats correctly, watch the expiration dates, and only feed pecans graded for human consumption or higher. 

Rancid pecans are also a ‘no-go’ when it comes to treating your sugar gliders.  Smelly pecans are a good give away that they have gone bad.  Usually, sugar gliders are smart enough to avoid eating rancid pecans, but of course, that will not always happen.  Follow proper storage guidelines to help prevent your pecans from turning rancid.   

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Pecans?

Can sugar gliders eat pecans? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat pecans.  Beware of the high fat content in pecans though.  They are so high in fat that too many pecan treats can quickly cause problems for your little buddies.  Try to stick with raw pecans when possible and definitely avoid salted pecans.

Don’t forget about your sugar gliders’ calcium to phosphorus intake and adjust their diet accordingly when you treat them to pecans. 

Finally, follow proper storage and handling precautions to help avoid feeding rancid pecans or pecans with aflatoxins to your sugar gliders.

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