Can Sugar Gliders Eat Cranberries?

Lovable, adorable, sweet, there are so many adjectives to describe sugar gliders.  And as cute as they are, we are always tempted to spoil our wide-eyed pals with our favorite foods. 

You love cranberries, and you love your sugar gliders. No, doubt you’ve thought about treating your suggies to a cranberry.  But, before you give any new treat to your sugar gliders, you want to make sure you’re aren’t giving them something that is unhealthy.

So, what about feeding cranberries to sugar gliders?  Can sugar gliders eat cranberries?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat fresh cranberries, and the skin if it is washed.  Be sure to only feed cranberries in a small amount and as a rare treat.

When It Comes to Feeding Sugar Gliders, Not All Cranberries Are Equal

Us humans consume cranberries in many different ways.  We drink cranberry juice, eat cranberries fresh, and even have cranberry sauce a couple of times a year. 

Sugar gliders have different health concerns than we do though.  For starters, you generally don’t want to feed your sweet friends canned fruit or vegetables of any kind.  That unfortunately rules out cranberry sauce too!

Cranberry juice can be okay for suggies, but you need to make sure there isn’t anything added to it.  This includes extra sugar and food coloring.  Sugar gliders are much more intolerant of unnatural things in their diet than we are.

As with all produce, fresh is best.  But, a frozen cranberry that hasn’t been cooked or covered in sugar should be ok as well.  Remember, when feeding your sweet babies fresh cranberries to thoroughly wash the skin. 

Sugar gliders are much more susceptible to pesticides and insecticides than we are so you don’t want to leave any of that residue on the cranberries you feed them.  It’s ok to peel (definitely a pain!) the cranberries before giving them to your sugar glider as well.

Even better than washing or peeling?  Buy organic cranberries if you can find them!

What if My Sugar Glider Does Not Like Eating Cranberries?

When they aren’t in captivity, sugar gliders eat all sorts of different types of food.  As omnivores they chow down on anything from insects to sweet fruits. 

Obviously, cranberries aren’t as sweet as most other fruits, and can in fact be sour. So, if your sugar glider does not appreciate the cranberry treat you have offered, don’t fret. 

Not every sugar glider likes every type of food.  Sometimes it takes a few tries for a sugar glider to get used to a new food as well. 

When it comes to your sugar glider’s diet, make sure you are always paying attention to their calcium to phosphorus ratio intake.  This is very important to keep track of.  Most sugar gliders owners aim for a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1.

As cranberries don’t have the best balance of calcium to phosphorus, make sure you are only giving your sweeties a cranberry treat rarely.  Too often can throw off their ratio balance. 

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Cranberries?

Can sugar gliders eat cranberries, including the peel? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat cranberries, and there is no problem with the peel as long as it is washed.

Cranberries are fine for your furry friend to eat.  Just be sure that you share your fresh or frozen cranberries sparingly.  Remember, if you decide to feed your sugar glider cranberry to completely wash it.  This will keep them safe from pesticides.

Of course, always be aware of the calcium to phosphorus ratio your sugar glider is getting in their diet.  And if your sugar glider doesn’t like cranberries, don’t worry they can be picky eaters too!

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