Can Sugar Gliders Eat Green Beans?

Whether mixed with mushroom soup at the holidays or steamed fresh from the farmers’ market, green beans make a delicious addition to any meal.

Given that they are so healthy for us humans, it is natural for you to think your pet buddies would be safe eating green beans as well.  However, not every food that is good for us is great for them.  Before treating your suggies to any new food be sure to always investigate whether your wide-eyed pals can eat it and how often.

So, what about green beans?  Can sugar gliders eat green beans?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat green beans.  Green beans are a fantastic addition to your sugar gliders’ meals.  Be sure to rinse fresh green beans well and feed them in moderation.

What is the Best Way to Feed My Sugar Gliders Green Beans?

When feeding your sugar gliders green beans, stick to fresh or frozen.  The canning process using preservatives that are not always good for your sweet pals.  In fact, this is a good rule to stick with when treating your sugar gliders to any produce.

If you decide to feed your pets fresh green be sure to thoroughly wash them.  The pesticides and insecticides used at most farms are not good for us, and they are especially harmful to suggies.  An even better option would be to buy your sugar gliders organic green beans! 

Some sugar glider owners prefer to boil or blanch fresh green beans before serving them.  This is a great way to experiment with how your sweeties prefer their green beans. 

Remember, do not add salt, butter, or anything else to the green beans you plan to feed your gliders.  These should not be a part of your sugar gliders’ diets.

Do not make green beans a daily addition to your sugar gliders’ meals.  Rotating them through a 2 or 3 times a week is plenty. 

Just because green beans are a healthy addition to your suggies diet, doesn’t mean they will love green beans.  When fed along with fruit, sugar gliders will often choose to pig out on the fruit, leaving little to no room for their vegetables. 

Some sugar glider owners will feed green beans and other vegetables that contain a lot of the nutrients sugar gliders need to stay healthy first.  Then, after the green beans are gone, will provide fruit.

My Sugar Glider Does Not Like Green Beans, Should I Be Worried?

Sugar gliders can be very picky eaters.  So, do not be shocked if your furry friends turn their noses up to green beans.  Ignoring one food, especially a new food, is not by itself a sign that your sugar glider is ill. 

Often it can take sugar gliders a few times to get used to a new food.  Give your suggies green beans a few times before giving up.  Some sugar gliders really come to love green beans once they realize the bean inside is different than the husk.  You might want to break a green bean into a few little pieces when you give it to your sugar gliders. 

If your sugar gliders do come around to green beans, you’ll be thankful.  Green beans are an easy and healthy addition to add to their diets.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Green Beans?

Can sugar gliders eat green beans? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat green beans but should do so in moderation.  Never serve canned green beans to your furry friends.

When serving your furry friends fresh green beans, be sure to wash the green beans well to remove all the pesticides.  Even better, buy organic green beans for your lovable pals!

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