Can Sugar Gliders Eat Corn?

Slightly sweet with a good crunch.  Corn is a an excellent addition to many meals.  If you love eating corn, most likely the thought of feeding some to your sweet sugar glider has crossed your mind. 

Since corn has many health benefits for us, you have probably wondered if corn is a healthy treat for your furry friends as well.  Sadly, not everything we enjoy is great for our sugar gliders. 

So, before giving any new food or treat to your lovable sugar gliders, it is best to always look up whether it is something they can safely eat as well. 

So, what about corn?  Can sugar gliders eat corn?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat corn.  Like most produce, avoid treating your suggies to canned corn.  For most treats, moderation is important. But due to corn’s calcium to phosphorus ratio, sugar gliders should only be treated to it rarely. 

What is the Best Way to Feed Corn to Sugar Gliders?

Because you love your sugar gliders so much, you always want to stick to the best practices when it comes to treats.  Corn, as with all produce is best served fresh or frozen. 

Keep canned corn out of your sugar gliders’ diet.  During the canning process additives are used that can be unhealthy for your suggies.

Corn has a lot of phosphorus compared to calcium.  This can make it hard to feed your suggies much corn and maintain the 2:1 calcium to phosphorus diet that many sugar glider parents strive for. 

So, when you do opt to feed your sugar gliders corn, only feed them a kernel or two at a time.  This will help you control how much they eat. 

Cooked corn is fine to share with your sweet buddies, but do not add all the goodies we often add to our corn.  Your sugar gliders should not be eating added salt, butter, or other spices.

Some sugar gliders absolutely love corn.  In fact, there are some sugar glider owners who report that their suggies will only eat the corn when it is given with other treats or mixed into a meal. 

To make sure your pets are eating more than just corn, feel free to blend the corn with the other parts of their meal.  Or hand feed the kernels of corn to keep it as a separate treat from their full meal.

My Sugar Glider Does Not Like Corn, Should I Be Worried?

While it is true that most sugar gliders will gobble up corn, not every sugar glider will.  If you have had sugar gliders for a while, you know just how picky they can be.   

If your gliders do not like corn, do not worry.  Disliking a single food or treat is not a reason to worry that your sweet friends are sick.

Sugar gliders do not always immediately like a new food too.  Sometimes you may have to offer a new treat a few times. 

You can also try lightly squishing a kernel before giving it to your sugar glider, that should make the corn smell a little stronger which could be more appetizing.  If your suggies end up liking corn, they will appreciate your effort!

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Corn?

Can sugar gliders eat corns? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat corn but should only have it rarely.  Never serve canned corn to your furry friends.

Corn is high in phosphorus, so be extra vigilant in tracking your suggies calcium to phosphorus ratio when treating them to corn.

Remember, just like not every human likes corn, not every sugar glider will too.  So, if your sweet friends turn their nose up to corn, don’t worry.  That alone isn’t a sign of sickness. 

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