Can Sugar Gliders Eat Mango?

If you enjoy a good mango, you have likely thought about sharing it with your sugar gliders.  After all, we love our sugar gliders and want to treat them to all of the great fruit and vegetables we eat. 

However, we do not want to feed our furry friends anything that is unhealthy.  So, it is always better to double check that the treat you’re about to share is okay for your sugar gliders to eat.

So, what about mango?  Can sugar gliders eat mango?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat mango.  Like most treats, mango should be fed to suggies in moderation.  Be sure to remove the peel and cut the fruit away from the mango pit before giving it to your sugar gliders. 

How to Feed Mango to Sugar Gliders

When feeding produce to sugar gliders, including mango, remember that for your suggies, fresh and frozen produce is healthiest.  Also, do not feed your sugar gliders canned mangoes.  When most fruit and vegetables are canned, often additives are used that can cause harm to your wide-eyed pals.

Before feeding mango to your sugar gliders, be sure to peel the piece you plan to treat your suggies to.  Mangoes are treated with pesticides which, even in trace amounts, are not healthy for sugar gliders. 

If you wish to leave the mango skin attached, you can of course, make sure to wash it well or buy organic mangoes if they are available.

Also, remember to remove the pit.  Even though sugar gliders will likely eat around the pit and skin leaving all the potential toxins for you to clean up, it is not a chance you want to take.  Their little bodies are too vulnerable to bad foods and chemicals.

When you are feeding your lovable buddies mango, portion control is important.  Sugar gliders need a lot of different nutrients for a healthy diet. 

Mangoes alone do not have everything sugar gliders need.  But they are a great treat that can be rotated through with other the other treats you give your sugar gliders.

To make sure your sugar gliders still have room in their bellies for the other foods they need, only offer your pets small pieces of mango. 

What if My Sugar Gliders Do Not Like Mango?

As most sugar glider owners know, sugar gliders can be extremely finicky about their food.  Sometimes they will suddenly quit eating a favorite treat for a while before deciding they like it again. 

When it comes to eating mango, not every sugar glider loves it.  Some will not even give it a try!  Don’t worry though, ignoring one type of food is not a sign that your sweet friend is in distress.  They could simply not like the smell of mango.

Before you give up on treating your sugar glider to mango, offer the treat a few times.  Often, sugar gliders take a little bit to warm up to a new food.  If your sugar glider does end up enjoying mango, your effort will be worth it.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Mango?

Can sugar gliders eat mango? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat mango.  Be sure to use moderation when you treat your sugar gliders to mango.  Remove the peel and pit before giving a piece of mango to your suggies.

Mango is a great treat for your furry companions.  Though mangoes don’t provide all of the nutrition a sugar glider needs, so make sure mango is a treat rather than their full meal.   

Finally, always remember to watch the calcium to phosphorus ratio in your sugar glider’s diet.

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