Help! My Dog Is Scared Of The Frisbee! 4 Reasons + How To Handle It

Dogs love to put on a tough exterior, but deep down, most of them are just lovable softies.

They’ll do their best to protect and comfort you, but sometimes they need protection and comfort too.

Some dogs have fears that can lower their quality of life. Take my good boy Duke; He was really afraid of thunder when we first got him.

I hated seeing him cowering in fear during every storm. But with time, patience, and lots of work he now feels a lot more comfortable during thunderstorms.

One of the ways we can care for our furry friends is by understanding and addressing their fears.

So, what about a dog that is afraid of frisbees? Why is my dog scared of the frisbee, and what can be done about it?

The quick and easy answer is that your dog is scared of frisbees because of one or more of the following:

  • The frisbee is unfamiliar
  • Someone scolded your dog for getting a frisbee
  • Your dog had a bad experience with a frisbee
  • Your dog isn’t actually afraid of the frisbee but is displaying similar behavior

And luckily, no matter which of these issues your dog faces there is something you can do to help!


Frisbees can be strange and foreign to your dog, especially if she hasn’t been around them before.

They move quickly, create noise when they land, and their flight path can appear bizarre to our canine buddies.

So, if your dog is new to frisbees, it’s likely they are simply not used to it yet.


It’s possible that your good girl got in trouble for getting a kid’s frisbee.

Her previous owner or someone else in your household might have scolded or punished her.

This would understandably make her fearful or wary when she encounters them.

Bad Experience

Your dog may have suffered an injury while playing with a frisbee in the past, leading to a fear of them now.

Alternatively, she could have been punished using a frisbee or confined to a tiny space with only a frisbee for entertainment.

In any case, such situations could have left her anxious and wanting nothing to do with frisbees.

Protective Instincts – Not Fear

Your dog might not actually be scared of the frisbee at all.

If she is barking defensively at the frisbee, she may be trying to protect you or herself from it.

In this case, the reaction is more about safeguarding than fear.

How Can I Get My Dog To Not Fear Frisbees?

Alright, now that you’ve hopefully figured out the ‘why’.

Let’s tackle your dog’s fear of frisbees head-on.

I have some effective strategies that can help your furry friend become more comfortable and even enjoy playing with frisbees.

Start Slow

If your dog feels uneasy around a frisbee, try introducing her to it gently.

Begin by placing the frisbee on the ground and nudging it with your foot. This allows your dog a chance to investigate and familiarize herself with the toy.

Over time, she will likely realize that the flying object isn’t something to fear – and might even become a source of enjoyment!

Create A Positive Association

Be patient with this process, as it may take several sessions for your dog to overcome her fear of frisbees.

Consistently provide comfort, praise, and treats whenever you bring out the frisbee, starting with it on the ground near you.

Gradually progress by moving the frisbee closer and eventually tossing it for her to catch – all while continuing to offer love, praise and treats.

The aim is to help your dog develop a positive connection with the frisbee, transforming it into something associated with positive feelings.

Remember, this process requires time and dedication, so don’t anticipate instant changes.


When helping your dog conquer her frisbee fears, employ the same approach you used to train her in to do other things.

For example, I used a clicker and beef lung for training Duke, and vocal praise for Bella as those are what seemed to work the best for each of my dogs.

So apply the same techniques that worked on your good girl here.

By tailoring the training to what works best for your dog, her chances of success will greatly improve.

Don’t Punish

It’s important to avoid punishing your dog for her frisbee fears.

Instead, support her through reassurance and guidance, as punishment will only exacerbate the situation.

Wrapping It Up: Why Are Dogs Afraid Of Frisbees?

Dogs can be scared of frisbees if they are unfamiliar with them, have previous negative associations, or experienced pain or trauma related to frisbees in the past.

Alternatively, they might just be trying to protect you instead of being scared.

To help your dog overcome her fear of frisbees, start by introducing the toy slowly and creating a positive association.

Utilize familiar training techniques, and remember never to punish your dog for her fears.

Have patience, and with time, your pup will likely embrace the fun of frisbee play!

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