Why Does My Dog Lay On My Clothes? (9 Causes And Solutions)

Dogs are some of the most loyal, loving, and fun pets on Earth. Not only are they our best furry friends, but they also have been known to offer a range of emotional, physical, and mental benefits to their owners.

From providing comfort in times of stress and anxiety to being an active part of family adventures, dogs bring joy and love into our lives.  Beyond returning companionship, however, it is important to remember that being a responsible dog owner means understanding your pup’s behaviors and needs.

If your dog has some odd habits like sitting outside your shower or stretching on you or anything else; take the time to decipher what your pup is telling you because it can strengthen the bond between you two.

So, what about dogs that are always on your clothes? Why does my dog lay on my clothes? The quick and easy answer is that your dog is likely laying on your clothes for one or more of the following reasons: To show love and affection, to seek comfort and security, for warmth, to mark the clothes with his scent, to show his claim over you to other animals, to get attention, your clothes are comfortable, to be close to you (hopefully not due to separation anxiety!) or because your clothes happen to be where he likes to lay.

Reasons Your Dog Lays On Your Clothes

If you’ve ever come home to find your dog has decided to curl up on your clothes, you’ve probably wondered what the heck is going through his mind. Dogs lay on our clothes for the variety of reasons, which I briefly went over. After I explain each reason in more detail I’ll run through some ways you can get your good boy to stop laying on your clothes.

He’s Showing Love and Affection

One reason dogs choose to lay on our clothes is that they simply want to show us love and affection. It’s no secret that dogs love to love their humans, and laying on our clothes is one way they can demonstrate their love.

To Seek Comfort and Security

Another reason why dogs lay on our clothes is related to comfort and security. Much like human babies naturally feel comforted by being swaddled in blankets, dogs feel secure when surrounded by familiar scents – most notably ours!

By cozying up in our laundry piles or beds filled with our clothing, pups are able to surround themselves with the comforting scents of home which can help them relax and feel more secure.


A cold dog and a nice warm pile of clothes…seems like a match made in heaven!  At least to your dog!

My dog Duke seems to always be cold and he also seems to always be looking for a way to warm up.  In the winter, if he’s not running around playing, I am almost guaranteed to find Duke laying in front of a heater.

If your dog is like Duke and keeps getting on your clothes when they are fresh out of the dryer or you just took them off, make sure you’re keeping your home at a reasonable temperature.  Remember, your dog isn’t walking around bundled up like you might be!

To Mark The Clothes With His Scent 

Of course, part of the reason why dogs tend to mark their territory with scent is so that other animals will recognize it as ‘theirs’ – but what does this mean when it comes to our clothing?

In addition to showing love and affection for us by leaving behind his scent, marking our clothing may also serve as a warning signal for other animals who might come into contact with them – letting them know that this belongs to someone else!

By leaving behind his scent through things like rubbing his face against fabric or shedding onto garments, he’s essentially declaring the item off-limits.

To Show Ownership Or Claim Territory 

Territorial display, similar to marking trees outside, serves as a territorial marker for other animals that can communicate dominance over those items. 

Of course, your dog isn’t urinating on your clean clothes (at least I hope not!) so this claim of ownership is often limited to those other pets who witness it happen.

He Wants Your Attention

Your dog also might lie on your clothes because he’s looking for attention from you. Dogs love attention from their owners because it gives them a sense of not only love but also security and comfort.

By laying on your clothes when you can see him, your good boy could be putting in the extra effort to get some sweet snuggles.

Your Clothes Are The Most Comfortable Place To Lay

Another reason why your pooch might be tempted to lay on your clothing is that it provides a soft surface that he can easily sink into. Your clothes are likely much softer than the floor, making them the perfect spot for lounging around.

When it’s time for an afternoon nap, who can resist the most comfortable place in the house? Not your dog! Until you train him that is!

To Be Close To You 

Your clothes belong to you, they smell like you, they almost are you!  Dogs are pack animals who naturally want to be close to the pack (that’s you!). When our furry pals lay on our clothes, it’s their way of feeling closer to us and being connected. 

If this is your dog’s reason, hopefully, it isn’t because he suffers from separation anxiety.  If it is, you need to work on that problem as a whole rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Your Clothes Happen To Be Where He Likes To Lay 

Remember the tired, old sitcom storyline about the dad having to have his spot in the recliner during family T.V. time? Okay, I know it’s not just a sitcom thing and some people are like that in real life too.

Well, many dogs have their spot they like too.  If you rearranged your house, or maybe changed your routine and are now putting your clothes where your dog likes to lay, your good boy might continue to lay there.  And the clothes being in his spot are probably a bonus!

Is It Okay For A Dog To Lay On Your Clothes?

Make sure your dog isn’t laying on your clothes as a symptom of something bad, like separation anxiety. As long as that’s not the case then, it’s probably okay for your dog to lay on your clothes. 

You’ll also want to make sure your dog isn’t damaging your clothes by scratching at them when he gets ready to lie down.

Finally, you have to be okay with your dog laying on your clothes.  I hope he’s only getting on your dirty clothes on the floor and not your fresh clean clothes you still plan on wearing out though!

How To Stop My Dog From Laying On My Clothes? (5 Solutions)

When trying to change your dog’s habit the first step is to make sure it isn’t a symptom of a physical or mental condition.  Just like if your dog was repeatedly getting ill, you’d address that instead of trying to teach him to run outside when he felt sick.

Remember not to punish your dog when trying to teach him a new behavior as well. It is not only mean, but it also isn’t as effective as using the solutions I’ll outline.

Solution #1: A New Command

One excellent way to stop your dog from laying on your clothes is to train him to understand a new command that directly addresses the situation. Giving your dog a designated spot and then training him to ‘go to spot’ works really well for this problem.

Whenever you catch him getting too close to your clothes, tell him the command and have him go to his bed or other designated area instead. This will help establish boundaries and give him a place to go that’s away from your wardrobe.

Solution #2: Crate Training

Crate training is an effective way to stop your dog from laying on your clothes. It’s along the same lines as ‘go to spot‘, but takes it a step further because your dog will have a whole new sleep routine.

By giving your pooch a safe space all his own, he’ll also keep off your clothes. An important part of crate training is making sure the crate doesn’t become a punishment for him. You can also provide him with chew toys and other treats that will keep him occupied while he’s in his crate.

Solution #3: Get A Dog Bed

Getting your pup a nice bed can also help entice him away from taking up residence on your clothes. Look for something cozy but durable enough for regular use…I also recommend a machine washable cover.

Be sure to put the bed in a spot your dog is comfortable in, whether that’s in the middle of all the action or far from it.  If done correctly, his new bed should be a place he enjoys going to.

Solution #4: Give Your Dog Lots Of Love

It’s also important that you let your pup know he’s loved, especially if he’s been relying on laying on your clothes as a source of comfort and security. Make sure you spend some quality time every day playing together, and that you take the time to pet him, and talk sweetly to him so he feels plenty of love from you.

Solution #5: Put Your Clothes Away

Hey! Maybe your mom was on to something!

Make sure you keep all of your dirty clothes off the floor and your clean clothes off the bed where your dog can easily lay on them.

This also means no leaving your towel on the bed after taking a shower!

Summary: Why Do Dogs Lay On Laundry?

It’s not uncommon to find your dog laying on the clothes you’ve put out or on the pile of dirty clothes on the floor, but why do dogs do this?

There are several reasons your pooch might be drawn to your clothes.  If you want to address the issue, it’s important to understand which is the cause of your dog’s strange behavior.

Often, your pup is drawn to the scent of you on the clothes and finds comfort in being close to you. It can also be a sign that he’s feeling lonely or anxious. He could also be looking for a comfortable spot to lay, or your clothes might be in his spot.

Knowing why your pup is laying on your clothes can help you better accommodate his needs and give him a safe, comfortable place to rest. 

Once you figure out the ‘why’ then you have several solutions to get him to stop.  Options like crate training, getting a dog bed, providing plenty of love and attention, and keeping your clothes put away can help address the issue.

Be sure to create clear boundaries between where his ‘spot’ is and where your clothes are so there won’t be any overlap. Taking these steps will ensure both you and your good boy have a happy home environment.

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