My Dog Ate Lipstick! Will He Be Okay?

Having a dog in the family can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. They bring us much-appreciated joy and love. But…they can also be the cause of some headaches!

From eating human food to playing with certain objects. There is a long list of dangerous things that are tempting to our dogs but could also cause them harm.

As responsible dog owners, it’s important to know how to protect our dogs so they stay safe, happy, and healthy. That’s why knowledge is key when it comes to understanding what might potentially be dangerous for our good boys and how best to respond.

By making sure we are informed about all aspects of having a dog in our home, we can enjoy playing with our pooches without worry.

So, what about dogs that keep getting into your makeup? What happens to a dog that ate lipstick? The quick and easy answer is: it will depend on how much and what kind of lipstick your dog ate.  Luckily, your dog will likely pass the lipstick, possibly with some irritation, however, he could face major medical problems if his intestines become blocked (rare but possible) or a chemical in the lipstick is toxic (very unlikely).

What Will Happen To A Dog That Eats Lipstick?

It can be difficult to know exactly what will happen if your pup gets a hold of a tube of lipstick. It all depends on how much he ate, and what chemicals and other ingredients were used to make the lipstick itself. 

In most cases, you don’t need to worry too much: the chances are, nothing will happen. Your dog’s body is designed to pass things that it doesn’t agree with; this includes foreign objects like lipsticks – so he’ll likely just expel it naturally. 

However, depending on the exact ingredients in the lipstick and how much your dog ate, there’s still a slight chance of irritation and an even slighter chance of poisoning. Most lipsticks aren’t poisonous to dogs; however, they may have some irritation from any chemicals, such as fragrances, or other additives that they contain. You should keep an eye out for symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, or general discomfort over the next few days. 

There’s also a chance of GI blockage if your dog happened to eat part of the lipstick holder along with it. If this happens, it could cause a blockage in their digestive system and require medical intervention to remove it safely. Symptoms such as vomiting, swelling, lethargy, or having trouble passing stool are warning signs that something isn’t right and should be checked out by a vet immediately. 

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Lipstick?

If you suspect that your dog has eaten lipstick, there are a few steps you should take. First, check the ingredients of the lipstick to make sure that there is nothing poisonous to your pet in it.

If you aren’t sure about poisoning or have any other concerns, call either ASPCA poison control at (888) 426-4435 (you may be charged a fee) or your local animal poison control for advice. It is best if you can identify the brand and ingredients that were ingested, as this will help poison control identify any toxicity your dog may face.

Ideally, your good boy will pass the lipstick within a few days and no further action will be required.

However, if there are signs of discomfort such as swelling of the abdomen, abnormal stools (or lack thereof), lethargy, vomiting, or any other concerning symptoms then you should contact your vet as soon as possible for an assessment and treatment plan.

Is Lipstick Toxic To Dogs?

It isn’t likely, but, lipstick can be toxic to dogs, depending on the ingredients and chemical makeup of the lipstick. Most lipsticks contain ingredients like waxes, oils, and fragrances that are not good for your pooch’s health.

To reiterate: If your dog accidentally ate some lipstick, it’s best to check the ingredients and call your local animal poison control or ASPCA poison control if you aren’t sure.

While a small amount of lipstick is unlikely to cause any serious issues in a healthy dog, it’s still better to play it safe. 

It’s also important to note that if your dog gets a hold of multiple tubes of lipstick and eats them, then the sheer quantity of nonfood passing through his system could make him ill.

Not only that but coloring and fragrances in the lipstick may cause problems when ingested in large quantities. So, if your pooch ate a lot of lipstick you should probably seek professional medical advice. 

Finally, if your dog has an ongoing habit of getting into lipstick then this could potentially lead to more serious health problems down the road due to his ingestion of these artificial products over time.

Can Dogs Pass Lipstick?

It’s a common question for owners of a dog that just ate something bad: Will he safely pass it? Fortunately, when it comes to lipstick, the answer is: Yes! Your pup should have little to no problems passing the lipstick itself. 

However, there is still a chance that it could cause internal problems if your dog consumes the lipstick holder.  The scariest risk your dog faces is gastrointestinal blockage. So, as with any other foreign substance that your pet might ingest, keep an eye out for the signs of trouble mentioned above.

These are clear indicators that something isn’t right and you should contact your veterinarian ASAP if you notice symptoms like this in your good boy.

How Do You Stop A Dog From Eating Lipstick?

Training your dog is one of the most important steps in preventing him from eating lipstick or anything else he shouldn’t get into. Start by teaching him simple commands such as ‘no’ and ‘drop it’.

This way, when you do catch him red-handed (or pink-lipped?) with a tube of lipstick, you can give him a firm command that tells him this isn’t something he’s allowed to eat. The key here is consistency – make sure to reward good behavior to reinforce these commands so that your pup starts to associate the command with not getting their jaws on any forbidden items!

To stop your pooch from trying to sneak off with your favorite tube of matte red lip color, one of the best ways is to keep it out of reach! Make sure your lipstick (really all makeup) and other potentially dangerous items are stored securely away from where your good boy will be tempted.

If you’re having trouble keeping your pup away from empty lipsticks in the trash can, then this may be another situation where routine training would help – teaching him not only not to get into things that he shouldn’t but also to stay out of certain things like garbage cans.

You also might want to invest in a dog-proof trash bin or throw out your lipstick in a bin where your dog will never be alone, like the garage.

Summary: My Dog Ate Lipstick! Now What?

If your dog ate some lipstick, the good news is that it’s unlikely to be toxic, especially in small quantities. However, if he ate a large amount of lipstick, then you might want to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

One of the biggest risks with lipstick ingestion is that the plastic tube can cause internal blockage and gastrointestinal issues, so keep an eye out for signs of distress.

Prevention is key! Train your pooch with simple commands like ‘no’ and ‘drop it’, and make sure to store potentially dangerous items securely away from where he’ll be tempted to explore.

Finally, invest in a dog-proof trash can to dispose of used lipstick in if necessary!  With these steps in place, you can rest assured that your furry friend stays safe.

Remember, if you catch your good boy eating some lipstick, the best advice is not to panic! As long as you keep an eye out for any concerning symptoms and act quickly if needed, everything should be fine in most cases.

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