Why Does My Dog Walk And Poop? 11 Reasons + Solutions

They didn’t earn the title Man’s Best Friend for nothing. Dogs are amazing pets to have.  Not only are they adorable and provide us with unconditional love, but they also offer us companionship, protection, and service. And let’s not forget the laughs!

But even the best of friends have their quirks. Like why do they sometimes sniff your ears or growl when you hug them? Part of being a good dog owner is recognizing your dog’s odd behavior and then looking into whether or not that odd behavior is worrisome.

You’d surely be down on yourself if you let something happen to your dog just because you were oblivious to the signs she was giving you.

One of the things that can be puzzling about our canine companions is why some of them insist on walking and pooping at the same time.

So, why does my dog walk and poop at the same time? The reason isn’t the same for every dog but it is likely rooted in one of the following:

  • Motion loosens things up
  • You don’t give your dog enough time
  • Anxiety
  • Your dog can’t control herself
  • Your dog is scared
  • Habit
  • Painful squatting
  • The stool hasn’t come all the way out
  • Diarrhea
  • Excitement
  • Constipation

Motion Gets Things Moving

If you run for fun or competition you’ve likely heard of runner’s trot. Essentially it is when a runner feels like they need to poop while running or right after they finish running.  This same phenomenon affects dogs as well. 

Basically, it is because when an animal is in motion, its digestive system gets stimulated.  This kicks the whole system into higher gear including the bowels needing to expel poop.

You Aren’t Giving Your Dog Enough Time To Poop

If you aren’t giving your dog enough time to poop, then they may end up doing it on walks. Dogs usually need some uninterrupted time to do their business. If you’re constantly rushing them along or interrupting them, they may not have enough time to go number two. This can lead to them holding it in and eventually having an accident on a walk.


Dogs can get anxiety for many reasons, and the symptoms of that anxiety can manifest in just as many ways.  Your dog might be fearful of the noises or people you encounter on your walk, or because she’s not used to being in new environments.

The anxiety might not even be coming from your walk, that is just where you see it appear in your dog’s behavior.  For instance, a major change in routine or a move to a new house can also lead to anxiety.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to address your dog’s anxiety issues so that she can start relieving herself normally again.

Your Dog Can’t Control Herself

Some dogs simply can’t control themselves when they need to go number two. They may start peeing or pooping as soon as they get outside, regardless of whether or not they’ve had enough time to do so. If this is the case with your dog, you may need to take her for more frequent potty breaks throughout the day.

Anecdotally, this happened to one of my dogs when she aged.  The poor old girl seemed to be so embarrassed every time it happened too.  Luckily she had a family who understood and gave her lots of pets and reassurances.


Your dog might be afraid. Dogs sometimes walk and poop at the same time because they are afraid to go to the bathroom by themselves.  When dogs squat to go number 2, they are in a vulnerable position.  There could be something in your yard or on your daily walk that doesn’t make your dog feel comfortable enough to put herself in a vulnerable state.

It’s also possible that your dog was scared so bad by something that she couldn’t hold it and relieved herself.  If that is the case and you were nearby, you probably saw or heard whatever it was that literally scared the **** out of her.  And as a good dog owner, you’ll be sure to avoid putting her in that situation again.


Another reason your dog might walk and poop at the same time is habit. Some dogs develop a habit of going to the bathroom while they take a walk. This can be because they associate taking a walk with going to the bathroom or because they get excited when they go for a walk and start to potty as soon as they’re out the door.

If either of these issues have led your dog to develop the habit of pooping and walking at the same time you might want to take the time to walk your dog more often and train her about when and where on your walk it’s appropriate to poop.

It Hurts To Squat

Your dog may be hurting when she squat. This can be due to old age or injury. If your dog is having trouble standing up or squatting, they are likely in pain, and squatting to go potty is causing them misery.

This can lead to your dog not going as often and trying to hold it longer; then while you’re walking your dog and things loosen up for her (as I discussed above) the poop works its way out. 

Stool Partially Stuck

Sometimes, dogs squat and push and push…and push…but they can’t quite finish the job.  This seems to happen to my poor dog, Bella sometimes. After a while, she gives up with the traditional method and walks around the yard in slow motion with her back hunched until her body is able to finally release the last bit of stool. 

If you see your dog walking around in an odd manner while pooping this is likely what is going on with her.  Try to have some sympathy because I’m sure it’s not a fun predicament to be in!

Loose Stools

Poor diet and sickness both can lead to your dog having loose stools. If your dog’s poop is particularly runny it can come out while she walks.

If you think this might be the case with your dog, take her to the vet to check for any health issues, and make sure you’re feeding her quality food.


As I mentioned earlier, some dogs get so excited when they go on a walk that they start to potty as soon as they’re out the door. If this is the case with your dog, try to keep her calm when you first step outside and start walking. If she’s able to remain calm for a few minutes, then she might be able to hold it until you’re a little way down the road and at a more appropriate spot for a dog to poop.


Remember how walking can get things moving for dogs (and people)? Well, if your dog is constipated and hasn’t been able to poop in a while, going for a walk can also help her get things moving again. And because her constipation kept her from going for so long she’ll be extra backed up which will make holding it in until you two stop walking very difficult.

How To Stop My Dog From Walking While Pooping?

Your dog pooping and walking at the same time likely isn’t causing any serious problems.  But it is probably embarrassing and inconvenient for you and possibly a sign your pooch has a medical problem.

Stop Walking And Let Her Go

If your dog has already started to go, you’ll probably need to stop right away no matter what.  However, if you know your dog goes after a certain amount of time or distance try stopping before you hit that limit. 

Also, if your dog is really struggling to hold it, and you think she’s going to go no matter what, then just let her do her business. It’s not the end of the world if your dog poops while on a walk.  Just be sure to clean up after her.

Address Her Emotions

If your dog is pooping during walks due anxiety, excitement, or being afraid, you’ll need to figure out what is going on with her and calm her down. This might be as simple as getting an excited dog to chill out a little bit or as complicated as figuring out why your good girl is suffering from anxiety and taking care of the larger issue.

Work On Her Potty Training

If your dog is pooping while walking because she wasn’t properly potty trained, then it’s time to go back to the basics. Not every dog has been potty trained properly.  If you just got your dog and she’s a rescue or a puppy you might have some work ahead of you but it will be well worth it.

Talk To Your Vet

If your dog is in pain, constipated, or in any other way suffering from a medical condition that is causing her to poop while walking, you’ll want to get her to the vet.

Summary: Why Does My Dog Poop While Walking?

As you can see, there are many reasons why your dog might walk and poop at the same time. Some of these are perfectly normal and no cause for concern while others might indicate an underlying health issue.

If you’re concerned about your dog’s bathroom habits, or if she seems to be in pain when she goes, talk to your veterinarian. They’ll be able to help you figure out what’s going on.

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