My Dog Ate Silly Putty – Should I Be Worried?

As a dog owner, it’s not uncommon to find your furry friend chewing on a variety of odd and sometimes indigestible items. But what happens when your canine companion gets their paws on some Silly Putty? Fear not! While it’s not exactly a gourmet treat, Silly Putty is not toxic to dogs, and most likely won’t cause any long-lasting harm.

But, your good boy isn’t in the clear just because Silly Putty isn’t toxic. In some rare cases, consuming Silly Putty may lead to an intestinal blockage. An intestinal blockage can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening for your dog.

So, after your silly dog’s Silly Putty mishap, it’s important to keep an eye on your pet for any symptoms such as vomiting, difficulty with bowel movements, bloating, or general discomfort.

If you suspect that your dog may be experiencing any of these symptoms or are simply concerned about their well-being, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian for professional guidance.

Summary: Is Silly Putty Bad For Dogs?

To wrap it up: Though Silly Putty isn’t exactly recommended for your dog, since this impromptu snack isn’t toxic it probably won’t have any disastrous consequences.

While it’s true that most dogs will pass indigestible items like Silly Putty without any problems, it’s still important for owners to be vigilant and act quickly if they notice any worrying symptoms. Always remember that when it comes to your dog’s health and safety, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

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