Hi!  Thanks for visiting High Peak Pets! 

High Peaks Pets started off as a couple very enthusiastic people who wouldn’t stop talking about their favorite companions.  As you might imagine, some friends loved sharing their stories too, and other friends got a little tired of us talking about the same subject.

As we kept researching and learning about what our pets could and couldn’t do, we slowly realized we’d become the go to resource for our friends and families when they had questions about their lovable friends. 

We realized helping in a more formal way would be a fun project where we could share our knowledge with like minded friends.  Starting this would also keep us from boring our friends who had enough animal talk.  Thus, High Peak Pets was born!

Every topic we explore and question we answer is one we’ve received or have heard repeated multiple times.  We have years of experience with our own pets. 

When we don’t think our experience will adequately cover a topic, we research it until we’re comfortable helping.  Heck, our vets even know us by first name!

What started as a hobby and something to share with each other has turned into this project.  We hope to help as many people as possible answer those odd questions about their pets.

None of our advice should take the place of a veterinarian.  If you don’t thoroughly understand our advice, please look elsewhere for a more in-depth explanation. 

If your pets are having medical issues, please consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible.