Oops! You Bought Small Breed Dog Food: Here’s What To Do Next

You’re at the grocery store and have a million things on your mind…not to mention you’re exhausted from work.  It’s a recipe for disaster!

You finally grab the last item on your list and rush to checkout.  It’s not until you get home that you realize you’ve bought the wrong dog food.

You laugh it off, but you’re also a little frustrated with yourself. Hey, at least it’s a relatable story to tell your friends later – and a reminder to always pay attention when grocery shopping!

So, you accidentally purchased small-breed dog food for your big ol’ dog. Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us. But now, what should you do with it? Let’s take a look at some concerns and find solutions to make the most out of this minor mishap.

Comparing the Dog Food: Understanding the Differences

First of all, you need to know what sets the small-breed dog food you bought from your usual purchase meant for bigger dogs. Check out the ingredients, nutritional content, and calories of the dog food.  This should give you a clearer idea. Here’s what to do:

  1. Compare the nutrients: Check the labels of both dog foods and see if there’s a significant difference in the nutritional content. Small-breed dog food can be formulated with different calories, protein, and other nutritional contents due to the slightly different needs of dogs. If the difference is negligible, this dog food might be just fine for your dog.
  2. Examine the ingredients: Make sure there are no ingredients in the small-breed dog food that could be harmful to your dog. Usually, however, the ingredients are quite similar and the major difference lies in the kibble size.

After you check out the differences and figure out just how different the small-breed food is from your dog’s food. You can easily evaluate the differences, and decide what to do with the dog food.

Here are some great options:

Donate It

You can always donate the dog food to a local shelter or pet rescue organization. They are often in need of food for their animals and would surely appreciate your generosity.

Use It As A Treat

Small-breed dog food kibbles are usually smaller, making them perfect as treats for your dog during training sessions or other rewarding moments.

Get A Refund

If you have your purchase receipt and the dog food bag is unopened, you might be able to return it to the store and get a refund or exchange it for the right food.

Mix It With Your Dog’s Regular Food

If the nutrients are fairly similar, you could try mixing in the small-breed dog food with your dog’s usual kibble. This ensures that the food doesn’t go to waste and your dog gets a fun, and slightly different food, in their meal.

Trade It With Someone Who Made The Opposite Mistake

You could check with friends, and family, or even post in a local online community to see if someone else has made the opposite mistake – purchasing large breed dog food for their small pup. You might be able to swap the bags and save each other some trouble.

Give It To A Friend

Know someone with a smaller dog? Gift your mistakenly bought food to them! They’ll appreciate the gesture and you can tell your amusing story to your buddy.

Feed It To Your Dog (But Keep an Eye on Nutrients & Calories)

If you’ve compared the food and deemed it suitable, go ahead and feed it to your dog. Just make sure to monitor their calorie intake, as small-breed dog food can have a different amount of calories per cup than their regular food. Also, pay attention to their overall health and well-being.

Sell It

If all else fails, you can try selling the dog food online or in a local pet community group. Just be honest about your mistake, and you might find someone who can use it for their own furry friend.

Other Concerns

Most of these tips are pretty straightforward, but I can’t let you go without giving you some other things to consider before you barter your food for what you need or decide to feed it to your good dog.

Make Sure You Get Uncontaminated Food

When looking to trade your dog’s regular food for small-breed dog food, it’s important to make sure that the food you’re getting in return is free from contaminants.

Trading with strangers can be risky, so it’s a good idea to stick with friends or family members you trust.

By doing so, you not only guarantee the quality of the food but also ensure your furry friend stays healthy.

Monitoring Health and Weight

Giving your dog small breed food as an occasional treat or mixed into their regular food can seem like a fun way to switch things up, but it’s important to keep a close eye on your canine companion’s weight and overall health.

As their owner and best friend, it’s your responsibility to ensure they’re not facing any digestion-related issues due to the change in food.

You might want to check out your dog’s stool and look for any noticeable changes.  Also, keep an eye out for signs of lethargy or other unusual behaviors.

If you notice any of these red flags, stop giving the small breed food to your dog immediately.

Summary: I Accidentally Bought Small Breed Dog Food

If you accidentally purchase small-breed dog food for your pup it’s not the disastrous mistake you might have feared. There are a few options available to ensure the food doesn’t go to waste.

You can donate it, use it as treats during training sessions or other rewarding moments, get a refund from the store, mix it with your dog’s regular kibble gradually, trade it with someone who made the opposite mistake of buying large breed dog food for their small pup and give it away to friends or family members who have smaller dogs.

It is important to always monitor your pet’s health and weight when switching up their diet and make sure any digestion-related issues due to changes in nutrition are nipped in the bud. With these tips in mind, I hope that you will be able to find a good solution to handle your silly mistake.

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