Why Do Dogs Lick Lotion? Concerns And Solutions

My dog Duke is always up for an adventure. The two of us have hiked through the mountains, explored every town we’ve visited, and strolled along many rivers. He loves being outdoors, and I love getting to spend quality time with him.

He gets crazy excited when I pull the car up to a trailhead he’s been to before. He knows we’re in for a good time. And it’s always a blast when we do it together!

The fun we have together is one of the reasons why I love having pet dogs – they bring so much joy and excitement to our lives!

Being a responsible pet owner is also important. Dogs don’t always know what’s best. That’s why when your dog starts doing something odd, like whimpering when you start your washing machine, you need to know how to help your good boy out.

So what about when your dog can’t seem to resist your lotion? Why do dogs lick lotion? The answer is most likely rooted in one of the following:

  • Your dog enjoys the taste
  • Your dog has a nutritional deficiency
  • Your dog is curious
  • Your dog is grooming you
  • Your dog happens to be licking you for other reasons
  • You trained your dog to lick your lotion (How did that happen?)
  • Your dog is trying to get the lotion off

The Lotion Tastes Good

Dogs often lick lotion due to its taste. Remember, dogs don’t have the same sense of what tastes good as we do. They eat some gross things!

So, while the ingredients in lotions may or may not be good for dogs, many will still be attracted to them because many lotions come with fragrances that taste good to your pooch.

If your dog is ‘lucky’ enough to get a chance for another taste of lotion, of course, he’s going to!

And if your lotion tastes good to your dog it can lead to your good boy licking lotion off your skin or even out of a container if given the chance!

Your Dog Is Missing Something From His Diet

The lotion may taste good, but there could be another reason why your dog is licking it. Your pup might be missing something from his diet that the lotion is providing him.

Dogs have nutritional needs just like us humans do and if they don’t get all of their dietary requirements met, they may start to crave certain substances.

If this is the case, then your dog is likely seeking out additional sources of nutrition to make up for what’s lacking in his diet.

He might not even know why he’s attracted to the lotion; he simply feels much better after he eats some.

It’s important to make sure that your pup is eating nutritious food with the right vitamins and minerals.

Your Dog Is Curious About The Smell

Dogs have a natural curiosity about their world. And they frequently use their noses and tongues to explore that world.

Dogs have millions of scent receptors, giving them an extraordinary sense of smell. The unique aroma of the lotion is likely intriguing for your curious canine companion and may compel him to investigate further.

Your Dog Is Grooming You

It may be strange to think that your pup is trying to groom you, but it quite possibly could be the reason your dog is licking your lotion!

Dogs have been known to lick their owners in an effort to keep them clean and healthy – which is pretty darn sweet!

Your Dog Is Licking You For Other Reasons

It is important to understand that your dog licking you can also be a sign of affection.

Dogs are social animals, and when they lick people, it may show their love for them. They often do this as a way to communicate with humans, just like barking or body language.

If your dog licks you with the same gusto, whether you have lotion on or not, then the lotion might not have anything to do with why your dog is licking you.

You’ll need to pay attention to when your dog licks you to figure out if the lotion is just a coincidence.

You Trained Your Dog To Lick Your Lotion (How Did That Happen?)

Dogs respond to and remember positive attention.

Maybe you happen to pet your dog every time he licks your lotion. Maybe you put lotion on right before you give him treats and the two are connected in his head.

I’m sure it was an accident, but now your dog has been trained to lick lotion! Oops!

If The Lotion Is On Your Dog, He’s Trying To Lick It Off Of Him

Dogs instinctively want to keep their coats clean and free of foreign substances. They understand that lotion is not a natural part of their environment and they will try to remove it from their fur.

Your dog doesn’t know if you put the lotion on him to help heal a wound or if you put it on them as a prank.

All your good boy knows is that he doesn’t want it on him!

Is It Okay For Dogs To Lick Lotion?

Really, there are two questions here: Is it Okay for you, and is it okay for your dog?

Is It Safe For Dogs To Lick Lotion

It’s probably not a great idea for your dog to lick lotion. 

However, depending on how much lotion your dog licks, the ingredients in the lotion, and how often he licks it, it might not be bad for him either.

Is It Safe For Humans If A Dog Licks Lotion Off Of Them

It depends on where the lotion is that your dog is licking. If the lotion is near your mouth or another part of your body that could be harmed or make you ill if dog saliva gets in it, then it isn’t okay for your dog to lick your lotion.

You also have to be okay with it. If your dog is bothering you then it isn’t okay.


So, if you can make sure there are no harmful elements in the lotion and your pup isn’t getting into any areas that he shouldn’t be licking, then occasional licks of your lotion probably won’t cause any harm.

But, for safety and peace of mind, it’s best not to let your dog make a habit of licking your lotion.

What Should I Do If My Dog Licks My Lotion?

If your dog ingests a lot of lotion or you’re worried the little bit of lotion your dog did ingest is very bad for him, please take the appropriate actions to make sure he’ll be okay.

Checking The Ingredients

You should check the ingredients.

Some substances used in skin creams and ointments could be harmful to dogs if ingested.

So make sure to check the label for anything that could cause your furry friend to not feel so well!

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to things like this – especially since our pups can’t tell us what they’re feeling!

Call Animal Poison Control And Monitoring Your Dog

If you’re still concerned, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and call animal poison control at (888)426-4435 (fees may apply). Or you may have a local poison control that is free.

They can help advise you on what steps to take next, depending on the ingredients in your lotion and how much your pup ingested.

It’s a good idea to also monitor your pup closely for signs of discomfort or other symptoms that may be related to ingesting something they shouldn’t have.

Be proactive and stay observant – if something doesn’t seem right, take action!

How To Stop Your Dog From Licking Your Lotion?

Once you’ve decided to make your dog kick his lotion-licking habits there are some simple steps to follow. The cool thing is, these steps also work for training your dog in many situations.

So, take note in case there are other doggy behaviors you’re looking to change.

Distract And Divert Your Good Boy’s Attention

The goal here is to get your pup’s attention away from the lotion and on something else that’s more interesting for them.

You could try asking them to do something like sit or lay down, or offer a toy or treat as a distraction.

Once they are distracted, you can remove the lotion and divert their attention toward some healthier activity.

Use The ‘No’ Command

Your dog should already understand some basic commands like ‘no’, so use it when you see them start making a move towards licking your lotion-covered arm.

The ‘no’ command should be firmly said and not yelled.

Don’t Encourage Your Dog To Lick Lotion

Always be sure to not encourage your dog when he licks or tries to lick any lotion-covered body parts or the lotion bottle.

You don’t want to scratch behind his ears or tell him he’s a good boy as you gently push him away from the lotion he’s licking.

Don’t Punish Your Dog

Finally, don’t punish your pup if he does lick lotion. Punishment won’t work as well as using proper training methods and may even cause further behavioral issues.

Instead, use positive reinforcement to encourage the behavior you like and redirect their attention away from things you don’t want them doing.

Final Thoughts: My Dog Keeps Licking My Lotion

It’s important to understand why your dog might be licking lotion off of you or out of the container. While it could simply be because they like the taste, there may also be an underlying nutritional need that isn’t being met in his diet.

Remember, dogs are curious animals and have a strong sense of smell; this can lead them to investigate further with their tongues!

Lastly, don’t forget about affection – if your pup licks you regardless of whether you have lotion on or not then he is likely just showing his love for you.

If nothing else makes sense, it may mean that your good boy was mistakenly trained to lick lotion through positive reinforcement such as petting or treats.

Understanding why your dog is attracted to the lotion will help prevent any potential health risks associated with ingesting certain ingredients found in these products.

If your dog is attracted to lotion, then try using distraction techniques such as toys or treats, the ‘no’ command, and positive reinforcement to stop him from repeating this behavior in the future.

If at any point you think that something is off with your pup’s health after ingesting a product like lotion, don’t hesitate to call animal poison control for advice on how best to proceed.

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