Can Sugar Gliders Eat Limes? (What About Lime Peels?)

Sugar gliders, they are just so sweet and cute, we want to spoil them! We just can’t help ourselves! If you enjoy using lime to take your meals to the next level, you have probably wondered if your sugar gliders would appreciate it as well.

Unfortunately, not everything we enjoy is healthy for our furry friends.  So, before you feed them any new food, make sure you are treating your lovable pet to something that won’t harm them. 

So, what about limes?  Can sugar gliders eat limes?  Can sugar gliders eat lime peels? The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat limes and lime peels if it is in moderation, especially the peels.  However, you should avoid feeding them lime seeds. 

Why Should Sugar Gliders Have Limes in Moderation?

As omnivores, sugar gliders have a diverse diet in the wild.  This includes eating a variety of fruits.  While limes do have nutritional value such as calcium, iron and even some protein, they also are high in citric acid. 

Too much citric acid can be bad news for sugar gliders and their owners because it will cause loose stools.  The loose stools caused by excessive citric acid can last up to a few days, which is definitely not something any sugar glider or owner wants to deal with. 

Just a small bit of lime can be a good treat for sugar gliders.  Not all sugar gliders like lime or the lime peel.  If yours does, make sure that it is really only a treat for them.  Meaning it is not a regular part of their diet and you only give them a little bit at a time.

As with all food and treats make sure to not overfeed your sugar glider and always be aware of their calcium and phosphorus consumption

What Else Should I Know About Feeding Sugar Gliders Limes?

Not every sugar glider will be excited about or even want to eat lime and lime peels.  In fact, some seem to not like any citrus at all.  There is nothing wrong with your pet suggie if he or she turns up their nose to your offering. 

When you are feeding a sugar glider lime a small sliver still on the peel is a fine way to give them their treat.  Many sugar gliders will only suck the juice out, leaving the flesh of the fruit and peel behind.

An excellent way to use the peel as a treat is to zest it and sprinkle it over or mix it up with your sugar glider’s meal.  Again, remember that the peel, especially, should be used in moderation.  

Be sure to wash the lime, and any produce, very well before you give it your sugar glider.  You don’t want to feed your sugar glider pesticides.  Pesticides could cause them great harm. 

As a general rule, you don’t want to feed your sugar glider any canned produce either. 


Can sugar gliders eat limes? Can sugar gliders eat lime peels? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat limes and lime peels in moderation, though seeds should be avoided.

Just like you, sugar gliders enjoy an assorted diet.  However, not all sugar gliders like eating limes or lime peels.  If they don’t like it, there’s nothing to worry about. 

For those sugar gliders that do enjoy lime, eating it in moderation is key.  Wash a fresh lime well to remove pesticides. Zesting the peel and mixing it with other food is also a good way to give your furry buddy a treat. 

Always remember to pay attention to the calcium to phosphorus ratio in your sugar glider’s diet.

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