Can Sugar Gliders Eat Jackfruit?

For those who like it, jackfruit (also known as ‘jak’ and ‘jak fruit’) offers a tasty, refreshing, and exotic snack.  There aren’t very many more exotic and unique fruits available (in the western hemisphere that is) than a jackfruit.  And because they can be hard to find, when you are able to get a ripe and fresh jackfruit it is truly a treat.

Jackfruit is healthy for humans, so you would think sharing some with your lovable sugar gliders wouldn’t be a problem, right?  While many fruits and vegetables we eat are fine to share with our furry friends, not all of them are.  It’s best to get in the routine of looking up whether or not sugar gliders can safely eat any new food before you give it to them.

So, what about jackfruit?  Can sugar gliders eat jackfruit? The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat jackfruit.  Though there are some precautions you should take as jackfruit alone will not make for a healthy and nutritious meal for sugar gliders.

How Much and How Often Can Sugar Gliders Eat Jackfruit?

As omnivores, sugar gliders eat all sorts of different foods to get the vitamins, calories, and everything else that makes up a healthy diet.  Even if your sugar gliders love jackfruit and devour every piece you put in front of them, they still need to have room for their main meal.

Jackfruit also comes in at a calcium to phosphorus ratio of under 1:1.  This can vary depending on the ripeness, and type of jackfruit.  However, no matter the jackfruit the ratio will be about half of the 2:1 ratio many sugar glider owners strive for.  So, you’ll need to balance out jackfruit with more calcium rich foods.

Overall, it is recommended that sugar gliders not eat jackfruit more than 2 to 3 times a week.  And when you do feed jackfruit to your wide-eyed pals, be sure to make it a side dish, a treat or as one part of a larger meal.  You don’t want them to gorge on jackfruit and leave the other parts of their meal behind. 

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Jackfruit Skin and Seeds?

When it comes to the skin of the jackfruit, it is best to remove it from any piece you offer your sugar gliders.  Odds are your sugar gliders will ignore it and go for the flesh of the fruit they love so much.  But, as the skin is quite easy to remove, there is not a point in leaving it on.  It’s better to not tempt your furry friends.

There is debate as to whether or not sugar gliders can eat jackfruit seeds.  The overall consensus however, is that it is best to not feed your sugar gliders jackfruit seeds.  While, they are usually harmless, sometimes jackfruit seeds are even bad for human consumption.  Because of this, it’s best to not give your sugar gliders the seeds. 

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Cooked Jackfruit?

There are some great recipes out there that involve jackfruit or where jackfruit is the star of the dish.  While cooked jackfruit by itself is fine for sugar gliders to eat, it needs to be just that; plain jackfruit.  Many recipes involve added sugar, spices or other additions that aren’t good for sugar gliders to eat. 

This is also the case with a lot of store-bought dehydrated jackfruit.  If you opt to feed your sugar gliders store bought jackfruit, be sure to read the ingredients, you don’t want to give your sugar glider something they shouldn’t have. 

Finally, do not feed your suggies canned jackfruit.  Like most canned produce, canned jackfruit contains preservatives that your furry friends shouldn’t be eating.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Jackfruit?

Can sugar gliders eat jackfruit? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat jackfruit but remove the skin and seeds from the jackfruit treat first.  Remember, you don’t want to overfeed your sweet suggies! Follow the precautions outlined in this article your sugar gliders will be fine.

Cooked jackfruit is fine for your sugar gliders, just make sure there is nothing added that will harm your furry friends.  This goes for dehydrated jackfruit as well.  Finally, do not feed your sugar gliders canned jackfruit. 

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