Can Sugar Gliders Eat Beets?

While thinking up new ways to spoil your sugar gliders you’ve likely considered different produce to give them as treats.  Beets seem like that would be the perfect treat.  After all they have so many health benefits for us humans, it makes sense that they would be good for our wide-eyed pals too. 

However, some foods that have great health benefits for us aren’t the best for sugar gliders.  Always be in the habit of looking up any new food you want to feed your sugar babies before you give it to them.

So, what about beets?  Can sugar gliders eat beets?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat beets. Rinse the beet very well or remove the skin before feeding it to your tiny buddy.  Beets are high in oxalates, so they should not be fed to your sugar gliders more than once a week.

Precautions to Take When Feeding Sugar Gliders Beets

Without a doubt, you do not want to accidentally feed anything to your sugar gliders that can cause them problems.  For that reason, when it comes to feeding sugar gliders beets be sure to stick to the same rule as nearly all produce: fresh and frozen are best and avoid feeding your sweet suggies most canned fruits and vegetables including beets.

In addition to avoiding canned beets, you should not let your sugar glider eat beets more than once a week.  Beets and beet greens contain high amounts of oxalate.  Oxalate can cause problems with the absorption of calcium. 

In order to keep with the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio, it is best to rotate beets with other foods.  By not feeding your sugar gliders beets too often or with too big of bites, you can still treat your furry friends but not cause them harm.

Always rinse fresh beets thoroughly.  This will remove the pesticides from the greens and the skin.  Sugar gliders are particularly prone to the negative effects of eating pesticides.  Even better than rinsing the beets, peel them and cut away the greens or buy organic so you don’t have to worry about pesticides at all!

Finally, the deep red color of beets can cause concern for some sugar glider owners.  It can dye their white fur red, which can look alarming.  Also, don’t worry if the urine and poop of your sugar glider is bright red after they eat beets.  The color will go through them just like us. 

My Sugar Glider Does Not Like Beets, Should I Be Worried?

Should you worry about your glider not liking beets?  No, that by itself isn’t a sign that your sweet sugar baby is ill or distressed.  Not every person likes beets, and in fact, many sugar gliders don’t either.

Some sugar gliders take a while to get used to a new food as well.  If your suggies don’t gobble up the first bite of beet you offer, try to offer it again a few more times.  Your sugar glider might come to love beets.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Beets?

Can sugar gliders eat beets? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat beets in moderation.  Never serve canned beets and be sure to wash the beets well.  Better than washing the beets, peel the skin and discard and discard the greens or buy organic so you don’t accidentally feed your lovable pets pesticides.

Always be sure to keep track of your sugar gliders’ overall calcium to phosphorus ratio.  Remember, beets limit calcium absorption.

Just like not every human likes beets, some sugar gliders won’t either.  So, don’t worry if your sugar gliders turn their noses up to beets.

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