Can Sugar Gliders Eat Guava? What About the Peel and Seeds?

Guava, that delicious fruit that’s so sweet when eaten at peak ripeness.  As sugar a glider owner you’re always tempted to share anything you think your tiny pal will like.  Not everything is good and healthy for sugar gliders though.

So, what about guava?  Can sugar gliders eat guava?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat guava, the seeds, and a washed peel, though they’ll probably leave the peel behind.

Why Should Sugar Gliders Have Guava in Moderation?

Though guava does have nutrients in it, including 20 mg of calcium per 100g serving, sugar gliders need a wide variety of foods for a balanced and healthy diet.  As omnivores, in the wild sugar gliders have many foods to choose from, including insects, different fruits, and vegetables. Replicating that diet for a sugar glider in captivity is tough to do, so any single treat should be given in moderation.  If possible it can be good to rotate through different treats every 2 – 3 for a week or so. 

Because your sweet suggies will need more than what a guava can give them, don’t let them gorge on the guava until they are too full to eat anything else for the day.  They’ll still need room in their stomachs for the rest of their meal.

As with any treat that’s added to your sugar glider’s diet, be sure to keep track of the calcium to phosphorus ratio they are getting each day.

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Guava Peel and Seeds?

The rule of thumb for peels is, if you don’t eat it, don’t feed it to your sugar gliders.  Though not widely eaten, the peel of a guava is edible for humans.  So it will be safe for your sugar glider. 

If you decide to feed your sugar glider the guava peel, be sure to wash the peel very well.  The pesticides used in modern farming can greatly harm sugar gliders. 

The seeds of a guava are, fortunately, not toxic to sugar gliders so they are safe to feed in a slice of guava. 

Remember not all sugar gliders love every treat.  While many will love guava, a lot of sugar gliders won’t be super excited for this treat.  And even more will leave the peel behind.  Because of this, and the risk of pesticides, it’s recommended you peel the guava before serving it to your suggies.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Guava and Guava Peel and Seeds?

Can sugar gliders eat guava, including the peel and seeds? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat guava, and there is no problem with the peel and seeds.

Guava is a great addition to your sugar glider’s diet.  They provide good a good, nutrient snack that your furry buddy needs to live a healthy life. 

Remember, if you decide to feed your sugar glider guava peel to completely wash it.  This will keep them safe from pesticides. And of course, always be aware of the calcium to phosphorus ratio your sugar glider is getting in their diet and don’t over feed your sweet friend. 

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