Can Sugar Gliders Eat Avocado?

For those that love avocado it’s hard to beat eating a slice of perfectly ripe avocado.  If no one is looking you might even eat a whole avocado!  You know sugar gliders love lots of different fruits, will they also like avocado? 

Everyone wants their pets to live long and happy lives.  So, before you tempt your little friends with a bite of anything new, always check to make sure you aren’t feeding them anything unhealthy. 

So, what about avocado?  Can sugar gliders eat avocado?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat avocado, but not the pit and not the skin. Like most treats, make sure you feed your sugar glider avocado in moderation.

How Often Should I Feed My Sugar Gliders Avocado?

Avocado has a remarkably high fat content for a fruit.  In fact, 1 avocado contains 45% of the recommended daily fat for an adult human.  As you can imagine due to this high fat content avocado isn’t good for sugar gliders to eat often. 

Sugar gliders who have a diet with too much fat can and do get overweight.  This obviously isn’t healthy for them.  To be on the safe side, most sugar glider owners opt to only feed their sweet pals avocado once or twice a month. 

How Should I Prepare Avocado to Feed to My Sugar Gliders?

First, make sure you do not give your suggies any of the avocado skin or seed.  Though they likely won’t eat either one, you don’t want to give them a chance to try.  The skin and seed of avocado is thought to be toxic for sugar gliders, so it is best to not even tempt them.

Since avocado has such a high fat content, on the days you do decide to treat your wide-eyed friends to some, don’t give them very much.  It’s best to cut little cubes or slices and give them 1 or 2 depending on the size.  This makes portion control much easier, rather than watching them nibble at a huge piece so you can take it away at the right time.

Avocado can be offered as a treat mixed in with other food as part of a larger meal.  Some owners even mash it up a little, so the yumminess of the avocado is also on the other foods a little. 

Don’t give your suggies something that has been prepared with avocados for human consumption.  Though you might love guacamole, the spices and other additives aren’t something your sugar gliders should have.

Many sugar glider parents try to make sure their suggies have a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1 in their diets.  So, remember to be aware of how avocado can changes this ratio for your sugar gliders. 

What if My Sugar Glider Doesn’t Like to Eat Avocado?

If your sugar glider doesn’t love avocado, don’t worry.  This by itself isn’t a sign of sickness.  Just like sugar gliders have diverse personalities, they also have diverse tastes for foods. 

If your sugar gliders turn their noses up to avocado.  Try offering it another time or two.  Often, sugar gliders are unsure of new foods and need to see them a few times before they try them.  If your suggies do end up liking avocado, they will be in heaven every time you give them some.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Avocado?

Can sugar gliders eat avocado? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat avocado in small quantities once or twice a month.  Be sure to never serve the skin or seed with a piece of avocado. 

As with all produce, avoid feeding your sugar glider human recipes with added spices and salt.  And keep track of your suggies overall calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Remember, not every human likes avocado, so don’t worry if your sugar glider doesn’t either. 

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