Can Sugar Gliders Eat Pineapple?

If you are a fan of pineapple, and you own sugar gliders, you have probably wondered if pineapple is a safe and healthy treat for your sweeties.  Pineapples are so delicious; it makes sense that our furry friends would enjoy a bite of one too. 

While most fruits and vegetables that we eat are fine for our sugar gliders to eat as well, there are some that aren’t.  As a responsible pet owner, it just makes sense to investigate what’s safe and what’s not before feeding it to your suggies.

So, what about pineapple?  Can sugar gliders eat pineapple?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat pineapple, but remove the rind and stem before serving it to your furry companion. And, like most treats, make sure you feed your sugar glider pineapple in moderation.

How Should I Feed Pineapple to My Sugar Glider?

As with all produce, when you are feeding your sugar glider pineapple, fresh and frozen are the best.  Most canned produce, including pineapple should not be fed to your sugar gliders. The canning process, with few exceptions, uses additives that sugar gliders should not be eating.

Pineapples, like so much of our produce, are treated heavily with pesticides.  A good wash can generally remove a lot of the pesticides.  Sadly, our little buddies are more susceptible to the negative effects of pesticides.  Just a little bit can do them great harm.  For this reason, it is better to completely remove the stem and rind from any piece of pineapple you feed your sugar glider.            

After the rind and stem has been cut away from the pineapple, cut it into small cubes.  You do not want to go overboard by giving your sugar glider too much pineapple.  By only feeding little cubes of pineapple to your sweeties you will have an easier time controlling the amount they eat.

Pineapple contains citric acid, which can cause loose stools in sugar gliders.  It’s not a problem you want them to have!  So, don’t feed them pineapple every day.  And when you do, make sure it isn’t the majority of your suggies’ meal.

Many sugar glider owners try to maintain a ratio of 2:1 of calcium to phosphorus in their suggie’s diet.  If you start adding pineapple as a regular treat to their diet, be sure to be aware of how the pineapple will affect the overall calcium to phosphorus ratio.

What if My Sugar Glider Doesn’t Like Eating Pineapple?

A lot of people love pineapple, so you would think a lot of sugar gliders would as well.  Strangely, many sugar gliders are not huge fans of pineapple.  If that is the case with your sugar gliders, don’t worry, this (alone) isn’t an indication that your furry pals are unwell or in distress.

Like humans, sugar gliders can be picky eaters.  Before you give up on feeding your suggies pineapple, try offering a little cube a few times and squish it a little so it is more fragrant. 

Sometimes sugar gliders take a while to get used to a new food.  If that’s the case with your sugar glider, it will likely come around.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Pineapple?

Can sugar gliders eat pineapple? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat pineapple in moderation.  Be sure to remove the rind and the stem before giving it to your sugar glider.  If you can find organic pineapple, that will be even better for your wide-eyed pals.

As with most produce, avoid feeding your sugar gliders canned pineapple.  And keep track of their overall calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Remember, not every human likes pineapple (especially on pizza!), so don’t be alarmed if your sugar glider doesn’t either. 

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