Why Doesn’t My Dog Comfort Me When I Cry? (8 Reasons Explained)

Dogs are often seen as loyal and loving companions and for good reason. They form strong bonds with their human families and show great affection. But sometimes, even the most devoted dog might seem distant or aloof. 

Because dogs are known to care so much, it can almost feel like they are betraying you when they don’t bound to the rescue.

You wonder if maybe you’ve grown too dependent on man’s best friend. Or maybe you’re just feeling vulnerable. Whatever the reason, it’s not a good feeling.

When you’re already upset and crying it can be even more overwhelming. So, why doesn’t your dog comfort you when you cry?

Without knowing your specific situation I can’t give you the exact answer. However here are the top reasons why your dog doesn’t comfort you when you cry.

If he has been punished while comforting you, thinks you need your space, is afraid of you, doesn’t understand you’re crying, is distracted by commotion, doesn’t know you’re crying, thinks you’re mad at him, or is sick or injured; then your dog may not comfort you when you cry.

Explanations For Your Dog Not Comforting You When You Cry

There are several possible explanations for why your dog didn’t comfort you during your time of need.

Your Dog Has Been Punished For Comforting In The Past

Sometimes when we cry we want to be left alone, if in the past your dog came up to you and you pushed him away or scolded him he may have learned that it isn’t ok to comfort you when you cry.

This behavior also could have come from an unkind owner your dog had before you. Not every dog starts the world with an owner who treats it well and it can take a long time to unlearn some behaviors an old owner ingrained.

You don’t want to confuse your good boy, so consistency is key. If you mistakenly trained your dog not to comfort you when you cry, you can try to fix your mistake by nicely calling for him if you need his support.

Your Dog Thinks You Need Your Space

Dogs are very intuitive creatures, even if that intuition leads them to the wrong conclusion. If your dog sees you crying, rather than comfort you, some dogs will give you space.

This could be because they think you need some time to calm down and process what is wrong, or they feel like they would be a burden coming up to you.

Your Dog Is Afraid Of You

Your dog may be afraid of you, this could be for several reasons. Maybe you’ve never been particularly affectionate with your dog or maybe you’ve even hit him.

This is a longer-term issue that you’ll want to work on when you’re not upset and crying. You don’t need to be overly affectionate and kiss your dog every time you see him.

However, your dog should not be afraid of you. So, permanently stop whatever it is you are doing that scares your dog.

Your Dog Doesn’t Understand

It’s possible your dog just doesn’t understand crying. Maybe he suspects you’re upset, but he doesn’t know how to fix it or make it better.

This is especially true for puppies and young, rambunctious dogs who haven’t been around crying humans very often. On top of that, they don’t have the attention span to learn just yet. If your dog falls into this category, don’t worry too much. Just give him some time and he’ll figure it out.

Your Dog Is Distracted

Sometimes when we cry we are inconsolable and make a lot of noise and movement. It’s the type of thing that can overwhelm some dogs and send them hiding in a peaceful bathtub.

If your dog is the type that startles easily or is just easily distracted, he may not come to you when you’re crying because he’s too overwhelmed by everything that’s going on.

In this case, don’t take it personally. Some dogs get overwhelmed and freaked out by too much going on.

Your Dog Doesn’t Know You Are Upset

It’s possible that for some reason or another your dog just didn’t realize you are upset. Overall, dogs are great at picking up on our emotions, but sometimes they completely misinterpret us.

Your Dog Thinks You Are Mad At It

This is a common one, especially since some humans tend to get mad and yell when they are upset. Dogs see this behavior and equate it with being in trouble.

If your dog thinks you’re mad at him, he’s not going to want to come near you and risk being scolded.

This is another case where you’ll want to work on your relationship with your dog when you’re not upset. Make sure you’re not being too harsh with him when you discipline him and that he knows he’s not in trouble when you’re just talking in a normal tone of voice.

Your Dog Isn’t Well

If your dog used to comfort you when you cried and now doesn’t, it’s possible that, due to illness or injury, he’s not feeling well. Dogs can’t tell us when they’re in pain or very sick, but often, they indicate it to us when their behavior drastically changes.

If your dog is suddenly not interested in comforting you when you cry, it could be that he’s not feeling well. You might want to take him to the vet to get checked out.

Should I Worry That My Dog Doesn’t Comfort Me When I Cry?

If your dog doesn’t comfort you when you are upset, don’t worry too much. There could be any number of explanations and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong with you and your best friend’s relationship.

If it isn’t new behavior and you’re concerned be sure you don’t send your dog any of the wrong signals whenever you are upset. Hopefully, that is a long time from now!

In the meantime, while you’re happy, try to work on building a stronger bond with your dog and see if he responds better the next time you’re upset.

If this is new behavior for your dog, it’s might be a good idea to take him to the vet to rule out any possible health issues.

Summary: Why Doesn’t My Dog Care When I Cry?

Why doesn’t your dog care when you cry? The truth is, your dog does care when you cry. There are numerous reasons your dog doesn’t comfort you when you cry:

  • He’s been punished in the past.
  • He thinks you need your space.
  • He’s afraid of you.
  • He doesn’t understand you are upset.
  • He’s too distracted.
  • He doesn’t realize you’re upset.
  • He thinks you’re mad at him.
  • He isn’t feeling well.

If your dog does not comfort you when you cry, that’s okay – he still loves you! There could be any number of things at play.

If it’s new behavior, make sure to take him to the vet to rule out any health issues. Otherwise, try not to worry too much and focus on building a strong bond with your dog. Even if it doesn’t solve the comforting disparity, you’ll both be happier.

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