(8 Reasons) Why Does My Dog Move Her Bed Around? + Solutions

There’s a good reason “man’s best friend” has been a saying for centuries. Dogs are loyal, loving, and always happy to be with their owners. I love seeing my pups, Bella and Duke, overcome with excitement and happiness when they see me coming down the driveway.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games.  I have to be a responsible dog owner too. Taking the time to be sure they are fed, paying attention to any odd behavior they might have, and of course, making sure they are healthy by doing things like making sure they get enough exercise.

My dogs mean the world to me, and I want to make sure that they get the best life possible. So, when they start doing weird things like licking my pillow or eating baby wipes, I make sure to figure out what is going on with them.

So, what about dogs that are never satisfied with where their beds are? Why does my dog move her bed around? There are various reasons your dog might move her bed around including to feel safe, to get more comfortable, to be closer to you, for privacy, because she’s nesting or being territorial.

She Wants To Feel Safe

A very common reason why dogs move their beds is that they want to feel safe. This (like other reasons I’ll soon cover) is usually an instinct your dog is acting on that was passed on from her ancestors. Remember, her wild predecessors didn’t have cozy houses to live in and needed to make sure they slept in a secure spot.

If your dog feels her bed puts her in a vulnerable position, she may move her bed to a spot where she feels more secure. This could be next to a piece of furniture or in a corner of the room. My dog Bella is guilty of this.  She didn’t like where we initially wanted her to sleep and often pushed her bed into the doorway of our closet or the corner of the room. 

It’s Too Hot Or Too Cold

If your dog is moving her bed to a whole different room, then she could be doing so because she’s trying to find the place in your house that’s just right, temperature-wise. Just like humans, dogs prefer a certain temperature range and, if given the opportunity, will go to whichever room fits that need. 

If that room doesn’t have a comfortable spot for your good girl to lay down or your dog plans on taking a nap there, she might go ahead and move her bed into the room as well.

Moving Closer

Your dog likely has a very strong bond with you and everyone else in the family. Because of this strong bond, many dogs want to be as close as possible to their owner and their family.

So, she may be moving her bed so that she can be closer to you or someone else in the house (including other pets!). This could involve moving her bed from one side of the room to another or even to a different room. 

Getting Comfy

Your dog may simply be trying to make her bed more comfortable. If a dog tosses and turns in bed for a few days or weeks, it can cause the bed to bunch up and have lumps which aren’t exactly comfortable. If your dog feels like her bed isn’t as comfy as it could be, she may try to fluff it up by moving it around.


I’m sure you’ll agree that loud noises and light aren’t exactly great for good sleep.  Dogs are sensitive to sound and light, just like humans, and sometimes they need a little extra privacy to relax and get some good rest.

If you have young children that are constantly trying to play with your good girl during her nap time, or if your dog’s bed is in a noisy or bright area in your home, your dog may move her bed to somewhere more conducive to napping.

If your good girl’s bed is in an active part of the house with a lot of foot traffic, don’t be surprised if she seeks somewhere quieter for her bed to be.

Moving The Bed Back

In general, dogs aren’t as bad with change as cats but they do function well with routine and like for things to stay the same. If you’ve rearranged your bedroom and moved your best friend’s bed to the other side of the room she may try to move it back to where it was.

Your dog might not understand why her bed is in a new place and will try to fix the situation by moving it back to where it was before.


If your female dog is pregnant, she might start moving her bed around as she starts to nest. This instinctive behavior is meant to help keep her find a spot where she and her puppies will be warm and safe.

She’s Being Territorial 

Dogs can be territorial and like to claim their space. If your dog feels like another pet or family member is encroaching on her territory, she may move her bed to assert herself. For example, if you bring home a new puppy who starts sleeping in your dog’s favorite spot, she may move her bed to show him who’s boss.

Similarly, if you have a cat who likes to sleep on your dog’s bed, she may try to move it away from him so he can’t use it anymore.

What To Do About A Dog Moving Her Bed?

If your dog is moving her bed it likely isn’t that big of a deal. Unless you keep her in a room that is drastically too warm or cold, or she has a medical issue, moving the bed is probably nothing more than a little annoying.

However, I will offer one tip, make sure your pooch’s nails are properly trimmed.  This will help minimize any damage she could do to your floor and her bed.

If your dog is moving her bed around and you want her to permanently stop, then first figure out why she’s doing it.  The next step is to address the root reason and find a spot that suits your and your dog’s needs.

For instance, if your dog needs a quieter or ‘safer’ spot to sleep try providing her with a comfortable bed in a quiet, low-traffic area.  Or if your dog wants to be near you or her canine siblings, put her bed where she feels like she’s close enough to whomever she wants to be.

Regardless of the reason, always make sure your good girl has a comfortable bed.

If you can’t figure out or solve the issue that is causing your dog to move her bed around. You can try to crate train her. After they’ve been trained, many dogs prefer the comfort of a safe and cozy crate to sleep in.

Never use the crate as punishment.  And don’t ever punish your dog for something as silly as moving her bed. Dogs have wants and needs but also frequently act on instinct.

Remember, dogs love to please us, so working with positive reinforcement will get you better results anyway.  If you’re at a loss for how to do so, consult a local professional who can give advice tailored to your dog’s personality.

Final Thoughts: Why Do Dogs Move Their Beds Around?

If you’ve noticed that your dog seems to never be happy with how her bed is and moves it around a lot. There are a handful of simple explanations that likely explain why. Maybe she’ll put it in a different corner of the room or even in a different room entirely. While it might seem like odd behavior, these are the most common reasons for your dog to move her bed around:

  • To feel safer
  • To warm up or cool down
  • To get closer to you
  • To make the bed more comfortable
  • Privacy and better sleeping conditions
  • Moving the bed back
  • Pregnant and nesting
  • Being territorial

While there are a number of reasons why your dog might move her bed around. In most cases, it’s nothing to worry about and can be resolved by making some simple changes at home. However, if you’re ever concerned about your dog’s behavior, it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist who can offer professional advice specific to your situation.

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