6 Reasons – Why Does My Dog Bring Me His Bone? – And Solutions

Having two pet dogs, I know how much fun they can be! Duke and Bella, my two pups, are a couple of lovable goofballs. Duke loves to run around the house and the yard trying to get Bella to chase after him. 

When he’s successful, it’s absolutely hilarious to watch.  With both of them barking and yipping excitedly. They bring so much joy and laughter into our lives!

As great as it is to have a pet dog, it’s also important for us dog owners to understand our pup’s behavior so we can make sure they’re living healthy and happy lives. We need to be aware of how our dogs are feeling and how they interact with the world around them.

So what about dogs that offer you their bones? Why does my dog bring me his bone? The quick and easy answer is that your dog’s reason for bringing you a bone is rooted in wanting to show you his prized possession, trying to get you to play, giving you a gift, demonstrating submission, doing what he learned from other dogs, or acting on the training you gave him.

Showing You Something Cool (His Prized Possession!)

Bones are prized possessions in the world of dogs. And dogs like to share what they have with their pack. 

My dog Duke loves to show off his favorite ‘bones’ (we call some of his harder toys bones as well). He gets so excited running around the house making sure to show them to everyone he can find. Even the cat!

Remember, your dog not only loves you but he wants you to know how great he is too.  What better way to do that than to show off something cool? 

Trying To Get You To Play

Dogs love to play with their humans. They consider their owners part of their pack and love to spend time with them.

Your dog might be trying to lure you into playtime by bringing you his bone. Does he excitedly prance around, bone in mouth, and dodge your attempts to pet him? He could be trying to initiate a game of keep-away.

Or maybe he’s trying to get you to follow him to a more appropriate spot to play fetch. Keep this in mind the next time your pup brings you his bone, it may be the perfect opportunity to enjoy some fun playtime together!

Giving You A Gift: Your Dog Loves You

Dogs want to please their owners. This can lead to one of the most endearing behaviors of all – dogs gifting you their bone. Your dog’s bone gift is a special way for them to show you how much they love you.

So, when your pup brings it over, it could be that he’s giving you a gift!

Of course, it’s not something that you can actually keep or use, but the sentiment behind it is clear – your dog wants to express his love for you!

Showing You Submission: You’re The Top Dog

It can also be a sign of love and devotion, but different from the humanlike gift-giving I just talked about. In this case, your good boy is bringing you his bone because he wants to show you just how much he respects you.

Dogs understand that their bones are valuable resources, so when they offer them up to you, it’s a way for them to show their subservience and loyalty. As if to say ‘You’re the top dog in this pack!’.

That’s why it’s important to let your pup know that you appreciate their offering by giving them plenty of love in return.

Just be sure you’re not teaching your dog to bring you his bone if you don’t want him to. More on that later!

He Picked It Up After Seeing Another Dog Do It

One possible explanation is that your pup saw another dog engaging in this behavior, and picked up on it himself. Dogs are perceptive, and they pick up on things that their peers are doing, getting away or being rewarded for.

If one of his canine buddies was bringing bones to their owner, your pup may have followed suit. Especially if that other dog gets love, attention, or treats after bringing the bone to his owner!

You Trained Him

You might not even think about it but praising or petting or even giving your dog treats when he’s doing something will probably lead to him doing that same thing again. 

Your good boy probably did something that pleased you, for other reasons unrelated to the bone…but of course, he doesn’t know that.

All your dog knows is that he brought you his bone, and you patted him on the head and told him what a good boy he is.  This encourages him to repeat the behavior.

With this pattern repeating enough, your dog will begin to associate bringing his bone with being praised and pet.

And now he’s going to keep bringing it to you!

Is It Normal For A Dog To Bring You His Bone?

Sure! It’s perfectly normal for a dog to bring you their bone. This is one of the ways your four-legged friend may try to show affection or seek your attention.

You might notice that your good boy wags his tail, jumps and wiggles, or even barks trying to get you to play.

Or maybe you come home (finally!!) and your thrilled dog shows his excitement by bringing his most prized possession, his bone!

Or…well you get the picture…I already went over all the reasons this can be perfectly natural behavior. So, yes, it is normal for a dog to bring you his bone.

How Do I Make My Dog Stop Bringing Me His Bone?

Using the commands that your dog already knows is key to teaching him that you don’t want him to bring you his bone.

Basic commands like ‘no’ and ‘drop it’ will help you actively keep your dog and his bone at bay. Be sure to use them consistently, that way your dog will start to understand that you don’t actually appreciate his gesture.

With this understanding, your dog will become less likely to attempt to bring you his bone again.

Remember, positive reinforcement is also a great way to encourage your dog to learn. Give your good boy treats or verbal praise when he doesn’t bring you his bone. Make sure to not confuse your dog and only give the treats and praise when he does exactly what you want.

In the end, consistency and patience are key to helping your pup learn that bringing you the bone isn’t what you want from him.

Wrapping It Up: Why Does My Dog Give Me His Bone?

There are lots of different reasons why your pup might bring you his bone. It could be that he wants to play with you, give you a gift, or show you submission. It may also be because he observed another dog doing it or because you taught him to do so through positive reinforcement.

Keep in mind that it is perfectly natural for your dog to want to bring you his bone.  However, if your good boy has a habit of bringing you his bone at the worst possible time, and you want him to stop, there are simple and effective methods you can use. 

Consistency and positive reinforcement are key to teaching your pup that you don’t appreciate him bringing a bone to you. With patience and practice, you’ll have your pup understanding this in no time!

Remember, understanding our dogs’ needs and wants will help us provide them with the best care possible!

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