Why Do Dogs Like Ice Cubes? (5 Reasons + Concerns)

Our pet dogs are probably the best (nonhuman) partners we could have. Whether it is for emotional support or recreational activities, we can always count on our good boys and girls!

Do you want to take a leisurely walk, go for a vigorous run, or just toss the ball? It doesn’t matter! You know your dog will always be eager to accompany you.

If you’ve read any of my other articles on this website, you know I love taking my two pooches up into the mountains for long hikes; ideally near a lake or pond where they can cool off.

Of course, making a full day of it isn’t always possible, so an afternoon in the dog park is a close 2nd in providing some much needed time in the sun to improve all of our moods.

You have to remember though, owning a dog isn’t just a one-way street. Good pet owners understand their dog’s quirks and take the time to figure out if they’re a sign of ill health or behavior problems and then learn what should be done about it.

So, what about dogs that love ice? Why do dogs like ice cubes? The 5 most likely reasons your dog likes ice cubes make a lot of sense. Dogs like ice cubes because ice cubes are a good way to cool down, ice cubes are great for chewing on, ice cubes help satisfy your dog’s thirst, ice cubes can make puppy teething a little easier, and last but not least, ice cubes are just plain fun for you dog to pay with.

Why Does My Dog Like Ice Cubes?

My dog Bella LOVES ice cubes; she gobbles them up so fast that I’m surprised she doesn’t curl up in a ball from the pain of a brain freeze headache!

So, if like me, you wondered why your pup loves those freezing ice cubes so much, I’ve got you covered. I did a quick rundown above, but now I’ll go into more detail about each reason.

Later, I’ll look into a few more things you might want to consider when letting your dog chow down on some ice cubes.

It’s Good Way To Cool Down

One obvious reason for dogs to like ice cubes is probably also a top reason for us humans too. Eating, sucking on or licking ice cubes are excellent ways for dogs to cool down. Dogs mainly cool off by panting, which isn’t always as effective as our ability to sweat.

So it makes sense that eating an ice cube or drinking some cold water to help lower their core temperatures on hot days is a great reason to love ice cubes.

Ice Cubes Satisfy The Crave To Chew

For your dog, chewing is something instinctual and even fun to do. Remember the last time you gave your dog a chew toy or a piece of rawhide, she probably went to town on it!

Of course, you have so many rules about what your good girl can and can’t chew on. Bones and dog toys are okay…but your kids’ toys and your furniture are off-limits. Luckily for your good girl, ice cubes seem to be okay; which makes ice cubes that much more desirable.

Here’s where you need to watch out though, dogs can hurt their teeth chewing on ice cubes.

This can especially be true for older or smaller dogs. Though all dogs are in some danger of cracking teeth on ice cubes. 

A Thirst Quencher

I’m sure your dog has figured out that ice cubes melt into water. And I’m also sure, that for a playful dog, ice cubes look to be a much more fun way to get a drink than the same old water bowl.

Whether she wants to play with them or not, if there is no other water available, and your dog is thirsty she knows that ice cubes will help satisfy her thirst.


Pain from teething can be all-consuming for a puppy. While your pooch is focusing on finding some relief, to you it may seem like she has a mild obsession with ice cubes. While that can be odd, it’s not nearly as weird or destructive as other teething behaviors.

Fortunately, for your pup (and you), this stage doesn’t last long.

As for why pups like ice cubes while they are teething: something cold like ice cubes can help ease the pain and soreness that comes with a puppy’s teething.

Ice Cubes Are Fun!

Finally, let’s not forget about the fact that sometimes ‘fun’ and ‘why not’ are all the justification our four-legged friends need for doing something!

Ice cubes might just be one of those things that bring joy to your pup for no other reason than simply being fun.

Is It Okay For Dogs To Eat Ice Cubes?

With a few exceptions, it is usually just fine for your dog to eat ice cubes. Ice cubes are a great way to help your good girl cool down while she enjoys a refreshing treat.

Keep in mind that there is a risk of dogs damaging their teeth when they munch on ice cubes. Some older dogs and some dog breeds naturally have weaker teeth, so you should always be mindful of that risk when deciding whether or not to give your dog ice cubes.

If you decide ice cubes are okay for your dog, you can make things more nutritious by making the ice cubes out of chicken broth – not only will this add nutrients to your doggy’s diet, but can also provide an extra level of yummy flavor your pooch won’t be able to resist.

Finally, keep in mind that all dogs are different – some may enjoy the taste and coldness of a cool ice cube treat while others may not like it at all.

So, if your dog turns up her nose when you offer her an ice cube, don’t force her to eat it if she seems hesitant.

Can Teething Puppies Have Ice Cubes?

Yes, teething puppies can certainly benefit from the cold comfort of ice cubes!

However, it’s important to make sure your young pup isn’t aggressively chomping down on the ice cubes in a way that could damage her teeth.

If your pooch is a particularly enthusiastic chewer, you may want to consider a different way to provide some cool teething relief. There are toys designed to be frozen for dogs to chew and suck on, or you can try something DIY, like refrigerating wet dog food.

Is It Okay For Dogs To Lick Ice?

Yes, letting your sweet dog indulge in a little ice-licking is totally fine. Not only will it give her a welcome cool respite from the heat, but it’s also less likely to cause any kind of damage if she’s licking ice rather than munching on cubes.

Will Ice Cubes Hurt My Dog’s Teeth?

If you’re concerned about your dog’s teeth, don’t fret; You’re not alone! Your dog is your best friend and you want to make sure she stays healthy and happy, which is why it’s perfectly normal to worry about ice cubes damaging their teeth!

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the risks that your pup faces from chomping on hard cubes.

First, consider giving your good girl shaved or crushed ice. This way, the ice will be softer and even partially melted before your dog has a chance to bite down on it.

Another great way to keep your sweet dog cool and hydrated is by adding some ice cubes to her water.

This will give your dog the cool benefits of ice by chilling her drinking water and hopefully lower the temptation for her to eat them.

Remember older dogs, some dog breeds, and dogs with certain medical conditions may have weaker teeth that are more prone to damage. If you think this might apply to your pup, then keeping your dog’s temptation to chomp ice cubes in check or avoiding giving them any cubes at all may be the best thing you can do.

With just a little extra effort you can still give your good girl refreshing, ice and ice water without having to stress about any tooth damage!

Summary: Why Does My Dog Love Ice Cubes?

As you can see, there are many reasons dogs like to chew on ice. Whether it’s to cool down on hot days, satisfy their craving to chew, quench their thirst or help with teething pain – ice cubes are a fun way for them to do all the above!

But while ice cubes can be a great way to help your pup cool down and enjoy a refreshing treat, it’s important to keep in mind that there is always the risk of damage to their teeth if they’re munching on them too aggressively.

For older dogs, or really any dogs with weaker teeth, you should consider giving shaved or crushed ice instead. Alternatively, adding some ice cubes to her water will give your dog the same cooling benefits without having to worry about tooth damage.

As long as you take proper precautions when treating your doggy to ice cubes, she’ll love this yummy summertime snack!

With these tips in mind, you can let your pup enjoy some icy treats without worrying about any potential harm coming her way.

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