My Dog Ate A Scrunchie

Some dogs will eat just about anything. Food scraps from the table, and off the ground make sense. But they seem to have no discriminating taste when it comes to other things they eat. Not only will they hoover up food, but they will eat anything else they can get in their mouth.

If you have a dog like this, you’ve probably witnessed it. If something fits in your pooch’s mouth, that is where it is going. Trash, their own poop, and even your belongings are all fair game.

While most of what they gobble up is harmless. Some of it can be scary and even deadly. What if your dog eats something that can cause health problems or even death? You need to know what could cause these issues and what to do about them.

So, what about hair scrunchies? What happens when your dog eats a hair scrunchie? The quick and easy answer is: You need to keep a watchful eye on your beloved dog. A dog swallowing a scrunchie can face major problems, but if you and your dog are lucky it could pass with no problems.

Is It Dangerous For A Dog To Swallow A Scrunchie?

Yes, it is dangerous for your dog to swallow a scrunchie. The fabric of the scrunchie could get caught in their intestines and cause a blockage. A blockage can be very painful and even deadly for your dog.

The other danger with a swallowed scrunchie is if it has a metal clip. The metal clip could cut or tear your dog’s intestines as it passes through. If this happens, your dog may need emergency surgery to repair the damage.

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Ate A Scrunchie?

The best way to tell if your dog ate a scrunchie is to see your dog eat it. Of course, you won’t be this lucky most of the time. Even though they seem aloof, dogs are good at being sneaky. Especially to get things they know they shouldn’t have.

If you’re missing a scrunchie and your dog was the only one around, then look for the missing scrunchie. If you can’t find it, and your dog is acting abnormally in any way, you need to call your vet right away.

If they are acting normal, then chances are they either swallowed it or spit it out. Until you can locate the missing scrunchie, you’ll need to monitor your dog as if they did eat it but are so far getting lucky.

What To Do If Your Dog Ate A Scrunchy

As I said above, if your dog ate a scrunchy or you suspect he did and he is acting off in any way, call your vet immediately.

However, if your dog did eat a scrunchie and is acting completely normal you and your dog might get lucky and the scrunchie will come out on its own without hurting your dog. Though you’ll still need to pay close attention to your dog until that happens.

Remember, this is all risk-reward at this point. If you don’t like any risk at all and have the time and money, an emergency trip to the vet will help cover all your bases.

If you have a dog that you’ve seen get away with eating all sorts of potentially dangerous things, maybe you don’t mind monitoring since your dog’s digestive system seems to be made out of steel.

It is all up to you, your dog’s trusted guardian.

Monitor Your Dog For Any Signs Of Distress

The most important thing to do if you think your dog ate a scrunchie is to monitor him for any signs of distress. Distress could be signs of a blockage or other problems.

Blockage and internal bleeding caused by a metal clip on a scrunchie are the two biggest concerns.

The major signs your dog is experiencing blockage from eating a scrunchie are:

  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting (could be with or without blood)
  • Diarrhea (with or without blood)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dehydration
  • Whining
  • Constipation or painful poops
  • A sore abdomen (put your hand on your dog’s abdomen, he’ll let you know it hurts with just the slightest pressure)

If your dog starts showing any of these symptoms, it is time to call the vet and be ready to rush in.

Passing The Scrunchie

If you and your dog get lucky, the scrunchie will pass without any problems. It could take up to a few days in a dog’s digestive system to come out naturally. If it comes up through vomit, it’ll likely be in less time.

Either way, you’ll want to make sure all of the scrunchie came out and that it’s not accompanied by blood. If bits and pieces came out keep monitoring your dog as you have been. Hopefully, the rest will come without harm as well.

Should I Induce Vomiting, Withhold Food, Or Give Extra Water To My Dog That Swallowed a Scrunchie?

These are questions that will vary on a case by case scenario. For instance, inducing vomiting on a dog that ate a scrunchie with a metal clip could cause more harm from the clip coming up than if you let it pass. Of course, there may be cases where that risk is reversed.

Withholding food or encouraging your dog to drink more water will also depend on your exact situation.

For these specific questions, you should call your vet, who knows your dog well, and ask for their advice.

Will Most Dogs Pass A Scrunchie?

The answer to this question mostly comes down to how big your dog is and how big the scrunchie they ate was. Small dogs are more likely to have problems because they have a smaller digestive system relative to the size of a scrunchie. If the scrunchie is big enough, it could cause a blockage in any size dog.

Some dogs seem to have intestines made of steel and are lucky enough to get away with eating all sorts of things that dogs shouldn’t eat. If your dog ate a scrunchie, hopefully, he has this luck on his side.

The best way to know is to monitor your dog carefully and be ready to call the vet at the first sign of distress.

As we said before, if you’re not comfortable with any risk, an emergency vet visit is always an option.

Can Dogs Play With Scrunchies?

No, letting your dog play with a scrunchie isn’t a good idea. If they somehow managed to ingest it they could end up in a dangerous situation. Digestive blockages are no joke and can be deadly for dogs.

The soft material of the scrunchie itself is what is likely to cause a blockage, if it has a metal clip your dog could also face internal bleeding.

What If My Dog Has Blockage From Eating A Scrunchie?

If you think your dog has blockage from eating a scrunchie it is time to call your vet or an emergency animal clinic and get there as soon as they can take you.

Intestinal blockage is a serious medical emergency for dogs. If not treated quickly, it could be deadly.

At the vet, they will likely do x-rays to see how bad the blockage is and assess if surgery is necessary. Your vet should only want to do surgery if necessary so trust their recommendation.

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Eating A Scrunchie?

The best way to prevent your dog from eating a scrunchie or anything else they shouldn’t eat is to keep an eye on them. If you see them chewing on something they shouldn’t, take it away and replace it with a toy or treat.

You can also try to keep all potential hazards out of their reach. While this isn’t always possible or realistic, it is worth a shot.

Start working on the ‘Leave It’ and ‘Drop It’ commands to teach your dog what they can and can’t have. Knowing these commands could be a lifesaver for your dog as you’ll be able to keep them from eating something dangerous if you catch him in the act.

Video Tutorials For the ‘Leave It’ and ‘Drop It’ Commands

These are great commands to teach your dog, he could be spared a lot of problems from dropping a scrunchie before he eats it.

The ‘Drop It’ Command Video Tutorial
The ‘Leave It’ Command Video Tutorial

While videos like these are helpful you may wish to pursue more dog training and obedience. Udemy has some good online dog training courses if you decide to go that route.

Summary: My Dog Swallowed A Scrunchie

Dogs eating scrunchies and other dangerous nonfood objects is more common than you might think. If your dog ate a scrunchie the best thing to do is monitor him carefully and be ready to take him to the vet at the first sign of distress.

The size of your dog and the size of the scrunchie will play a big part in whether or not they’ll be able to pass it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure and some dogs end up needing surgery to remove the blockage.

The best way to prevent your dog from eating a scrunchie or anything else they shouldn’t eat is to keep an eye on them at all times. You can also try to keep potential hazards out of their reach and teach them the ‘Leave It’ and ‘Drop It’ commands.

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