Can Sugar Gliders Eat Peaches?

Good peaches are wonderfully delicious.  Especially if you’re lucky enough to get one that was picked fresh.  While enjoying your sweet snack, you can’t help but wonder if your sweet sugar glider could also enjoy your sweet and juicy peach. 

We’ve all been there, wanting to spoil our little buddies.  Sugar gliders have different dietary needs than us humans though.  That means that unfortunately you can’t offer them everything you enjoy.

So, what about peaches?  Can sugar gliders eat peaches?  The quick and easy answer is: Yes, sugar gliders can eat peaches, but not the pit. Like most treats, make sure you feed your sugar glider peaches in moderation.

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Peach Pits and Peach Skin?

A good rule of thumb for sugar gliders is if you can eat the skin, so can they.  Just like you would for yourself, wash the skin thoroughly to make sure it is pesticide free. 

Better yet, remove the skin completely.  Sugar gliders are much more susceptible to the remnants of pesticide and insecticide than we are.  Obviously an even better choice would be to choose peaches that were grown organically.

When it comes to the pit, your sugar glider will likely eat around it and avoid it completely.  However, they may wish to take a nibble to see if they like it.  Don’t give them the chance.  Peach pits can be toxic to sugar gliders, so it is best to not serve the pit with the peach treat. 

For sugar gliders, frozen and fresh produce are the best.  They should not eat any produce that’s been canned.  The canning process involves preservatives that can be harmful to sugar gliders. 

This means you can’t skip the skinning, cutting and pit removal by giving them canned peaches.  However, frozen peaches are usually skinless and shouldn’t have the pit either.  So, serving frozen (let it thaw first of course!) is an excellent short cut to take. 

What Variety of Peach Should I Feed My Sugar Glider?

Like apples, peaches come in a wide variety.  Though usually sugar gliders prefer the sweeter peach varieties, all peaches are okay for your sugar glider to eat. 

For your own sake, you’ll probably want to get peaches that are freestone rather than clingstone.  The bakers know exactly where this is going.  If you picture the pit of the peach as stone, the names are pretty self-explanatory. 

Clingstone peaches have pits that are harder to cleanly remove.  Freestone peaches have pits that easily pull away from the flesh of the fruit.  Making much less of a mess.

If your sugar glider doesn’t like peaches, there is nothing to worry about.  While most suggies will go crazy for a chance a piece of peach some will not.  There’s nothing to worry about if your furry friend doesn’t like peaches.  Just like humans, sugar gliders can be picky eaters.

Before you give up on treating you furry friend peaches, be sure to offer a good juicy bit of peach first.  Often the smell and the chance to taste the good juice is enough to convince your sugar glider that peaches are delicious.

Summary: Can Sugar Gliders Have Peaches?

Can sugar gliders eat peaches? In a word: Yes!  Sugar gliders can eat peaches in moderation.  Be sure to wash the peach well and remove the pit before giving it to your sugar glider. 

Better than washing the peach, skin it to make sure you don’t accidentally feed your sweeties pesticides.  And freestone peaches have pits that are much easier to remove than clingstones. 

As with all produce, avoid feeding your sugar glider canned peaches.  And keep track of their overall calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Remember, not every human likes peaches so don’t worry if your sugar glider doesn’t either. 

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