Why Do Dogs Hate When You Blow On Them?

Dogs are such sweet animals. They’re always happy to see us, no matter what kind of day they’ve had. Sometimes though, it seems like they get annoyed or even angry at the strangest things.

Of course, it makes sense that they would get angry when they were abused or teased. But why do they get annoyed or even hate small things like not being able to sniff a fire hydrant on a walk, or when our kids stare at them? It’s hard to understand why dogs would react so strongly to something that seems so minor to us.

Odds are there’s a good reason for most things that annoy dogs. Maybe it’s because they’re trying to protect us from something they see as a threat. Or they have a different way of perceiving the world than we do.

But what about blowing on them? Why do dogs hate when you blow on them? There’s no hard proof for exactly why dogs dislike it. However, when taken with what else we know about dogs, some decent theories could explain what is going on with your favorite pooch.

The Dog Thinks You Are Trying To Be Dominate

This one is the most likely in my opinion. Dogs are social animals that live in packs with a strict hierarchy. The leader of the pack is the Alpha, and the others follow his lead.

To show that you’re the boss, you might do things like stare at them, growl, or even bare your teeth. All of these are things that come naturally to us humans, but they’re also things that would get a dog’s hackles up.

So, when you blow in their face, they might interpret it as a challenge. You’re trying to assert your dominance over them, and they don’t like it.

Your Dog Doesn’t Know What You’re Up To

Your dog can see, smell, and feel you blowing on them. But they have no idea what your motives are. Are you trying to play with them? Are you being aggressive? They just don’t know.

Not knowing how to interpret what you are up to can be very frustrating for our dogs. They don’t know how to react and get annoyed or even angry at the whole situation.

You Startled Your Dog

If your dog was drifting off to sleep, concentrating on something else, or zoning out when you blew on him, then you probably startled him. And we all know how annoying it is to be startled awake from a nap or deep thought.

It’s even worse when you don’t know what caused the sudden jolt out of relaxation. All your dog knows is that he was happy doing his own thing until you came along and messed everything up.

Some Dogs Take It As Teasing

If your dog knows that he has conveyed his dislike of blowing but you still do it, then he will start to recognize it as the teasing it is. Dogs don’t like to be teased, just like we don’t.

So, if you’re constantly interrupting his fun by blowing in his face, then he’s going to get annoyed. After a while, he will even start to hate it and might act more aggressively towards you when you blow on him.

Your Dog Wasn’t Anticipating It

Maybe you were being sweet and rubbing your best buddy’s belly or maybe you were on the ground playing tug-of-war. Whatever the case, your dog was enjoying himself, and then you went and blew on him out of nowhere.

This can be really confusing for a dog. One second, you’re being loving and the next you’re doing something that feels like an attack. No wonder they can get so annoyed!

Other Things To Keep In Mind

If you’re reading this article, you are likely a good dog owner doing their best to figure out how to read your dog’s behavior. So, with that in mind here are a few other notes about dogs being blown on.

What About Dogs That Stick Their Heads Out Of A Car Window?

Enjoying a nice refreshing breeze (or even a strong wind) is very different than someone walking up and blowing on you. Dogs that enjoy car rides usually have their head out of the window because they want to feel the wind.

There isn’t anyone coming up to them getting in their face, and ‘threatening’ them, so, they might even close their eyes and enjoy the feeling.

Remember because dogs’ noses are more sensitive than ours, our breath smells much stronger to them too. It can be a bit overwhelming if you have some offensive smell on your breath.

Don’t Ever Blow On A Strange Dog

Whether it is a dog you recently adopted or a dog you just met, do not blow on him. While your dog might get annoyed and tolerate you (their loving and caring owner) blowing on him, a strange dog likely won’t act as pleasantly.

I’m sure being scared or worse by a strange dog is not worth whatever amusement you think you might get out of blowing on them.

Consistently Blowing On Your Dog Can Affect Their Behavior

When you do something to a do that he doesn’t like over and over again, it can start to change their behavior. If you’re constantly blowing on your dog, eventually he might start to associate being around you with feeling uncomfortable.

You could even cause him to develop some behavioral issues fear or aggression.

So, while it might be amusing to you to see your dog’s reaction when you blow on him now, eventually it could turn into something much more serious. This is something you definitely want to avoid so that your dog always enjoys being around you.

Summary: Why Does Your Dog Dislike When You Blow On Him?

Dogs don’t generally like it when you blow on them. It can seem like you are trying to assert dominance, startling them, being confusing, or even coming across as teasing. If you do it too much it could even cause your dog to develop some behavioral issues.

Even dogs who enjoy sticking their heads out of the car window usually don’t like it when people blow on them.

Whatever you do, don’t blow on an unfamiliar dog. That is a recipe for disaster. Remember, it isn’t kind to do something to a dog that they dislike. So, the next time you’re feeling the urge to give your furry friend a gust of air, think twice! Your dog will be much happier (and so will you) if you resist the temptation.

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