Can Dogs Eat Radicchio?

Whether you enjoy them roasted on the side or as the star of your go-to fancy, homemade salad, radicchio is sure to liven up any meal.  Radicchio, sometimes called Italian chicory, has a flavor that’s a bit more bitter than its cousins like endive.

While the bitterness might not be for everyone, it’s that very characteristic that makes radicchio so versatile in the kitchen. And most people that like to cook with radicchio know a few tricks to cut back the strength of bitterness when they need to.

If you love radicchio or any other food and want to share it with your dog, make sure that it is safe to give your pet that food before you do. You’d hate to get your dog sick by giving them something they can’t eat.

So, what about radicchio? Can dogs eat radicchio?  The quick and easy answer to this question is: Yes, dogs can eat radicchio as long it is only once in a while and as a small treat.

Is Radicchio Toxic To Dogs?

Radicchio is not toxic for dogs to have in moderation.  In fact, radicchio is fairly healthy.  Radicchio is a good source of dietary fiber, which can help to regulate digestion and prevent constipation.

It is also a good source of vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting and bone health. Radicchio is high in antioxidants, which can help protect against chronic diseases such as cancer.

Radicchio is so healthy that some even call at least one variety a superfood.  With all these amazing health benefits of radicchio, you’d think we’ve stumbled onto the ultimate treat for your dogs.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Dogs Can Only Have Radicchio Infrequently And In Moderation

While radicchio does have good health benefits for dogs, it is best to feed them radicchio in moderation and only as a treat. Dogs can develop digestive health problems from eating too much radicchio, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and gas.

If you ever suffered these problems yourself, or you’ve had to clean up after a dog that has, you know that it’s not something you’d want to give your dog.

How Should I Cook Or Prepare Radicchio For My Dog?

Though, we’ve already established that radicchio is safe for your dog to eat.  However, different ways of cooking or preparing radicchio can introduce ingredients that aren’t good for your dog to consume. 

If you do add various herbs, oils, seasonings, or dressings to your radicchio you’ll need to make sure that those are ok for dogs to eat as well.

To be on the safe side, giving your dog a treat of plain, raw radicchio is fine as is grilled or roasted radicchio.  Just be sure to give the grilled/roasted radicchio to your lovable pooch before you add your seasoning!

Summary:  Can Dogs Have Radicchio?

Can Dogs have radicchio?  In a word: Yes!  Dogs can have radicchio.  There are two very important rules to remember when feeding your dog radicchio. 

First, do so in small amounts and only occasionally.  The negative health side effects of too much radicchio can be painful for your furry friend (and gross for you to clean up!).

Second, be sure to only feed your dog cooked or raw radicchio that doesn’t have anything on it that could be unsafe for your dog to eat.  Plain raw or plain grilled/roasted radicchio are two of the safest options. 

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